Valentine’s Day: Ultimate Holiday for Singles…Not

On February 14th, the 16th Valentine’s Day of my life will commence, this time on a Wednesday. The number of completed Valentine’s Days will vary across the nation, as will the results of the day. This statement will be crystal clear to everyone who has been through this holiday while in high school and/or has been single. When February 1st rolls around at Weld Central, everyone jumps into the boiling over pot of emotions that come with the anticipation of a day for couples. For some, usually those who are in a relationship, the main feelings are of excitement, love, and even joy. For others, i.e. those of us who remain single, we have a rather odd mixture of dread and hope. Yes, I know it’s weird, but it’s true.

Over 50% of Americans 16 and older are single, and each one of us is going to wake up on Wednesday and silently scream into our pillow. When we finally convince ourselves to get out of bed, we’re going to go to work or school and we’re going to cry inside. All day, we’re going to have that horrible pain and sadness in our hearts, knowing that the hope that we talked ourselves into was useless and probably made everything worse. No one is going to see that the smile we paste on our faces is fake. No one is going to come grab us and relive the make-up moment in Geek Charming. No one is going to put their teddy bears away in respect of our sorrow. No one is going to make us feel like we did when we watched Cinderella Story and Austin ran up the bleachers to hold Sam. We will walk around looking like everyone else, minus the piles of valentines cards, roses, and chocolates. We won’t feel like everyone else though.

Weld Central has a great number of people who lack a significant other, but sometimes it seems as though the majority of students here are in some sort of a relationship, at least while we have to weave through the couples standing in the Commons. Trust me, that perspective will get ten times worse on Valentine’s Day. When we finally get home on Wednesday, we might have a few seconds where we think the stress of the day is finally over. But no. It’s really not. The rest of the night, we will sit and stare aimlessly into space wondering, “Why wasn’t I good enough?” When we decide that Midnight is late enough to spend thinking about it, we’ll resolve never to hope on Valentine’s Day again and cry ourselves to sleep. When we wake up with puffy eyes and a headache, we’ll remember the previous day and groan. As the year proceeds, we’ll try to put it out of our minds, but we won’t quite succeed, especially when it is the end of January all over again.

I’m really sorry if you have to go through this. Eventually, Valentine’s Day is going to yield something other than tears and depression, I promise. Try not to hate everyone who is happy; they’re just grateful they aren’t in your position anymore. Good luck to all of us who will spend Wednesday in the pits, hoping against hope. I’ll see you on Tumblr and Pinterest posting unhappy memes!Screenshot_20180208-122848

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