Myths and Legends: The Skinwalker

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There are many Native American tribes and each contains their own folklore and legends. A rather confidential legend in the Navajo tribe is called the Skinwalker.                     
The Skinwalker is a Navajo Indian cryptid that is described as a medicine man or witches that have a high stance for the priesthood, yet chooses what they describe as an “evil” path and are able to take the form of an animal. They are described as malicious beasts that cause mischief and are said to be usually in the form of animals like coyotes or Ravens because of this nature. They are also heavily feared within the tribes, most being reluctant to speak about the legend in the skeptic believes that the questioner may be such a creature looking to trick their next meal.                                                                                            Stories of the Skinwalker are extremely rare, but not because of the Navajos reluctance to speak of the creatures, but because their stories are told off of survival which for the Skinwalker is an extremely rare sight. It is told that encounters with the creatures usually lead to a small number of things, the death of the creature, you, or a stalemate where it retreats into the woods. With the knowledge of these odds, the creatures are greatly feared, yet even though most sightings are from out windows since they are known for teasing and scratching on the windows trying to get the homeowner to come out.
     There are also a few more modern tales of the Skinwalker, yet they do not follow the typical storyline of the cryptid. In reality, these stories include much more playful and peaceful versions of the Skinwalkers. These include sightings mostly include them chasing cars, much like a playful dog would.

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