Endangered Fin Whales

The fin whale of the North Atlantic is endangered.

In fact, the population is so low it’s between 50,000 and 90,000. The fin whale has been hunted for centuries for their oil, meat, and baleen which is whalebone. About 750,000 animals were killed alone between 1904 and 1979,  Their current status is unknown in most areas outside of the North Atlantic.


Japanese whaling in terms of active hunting of these large mammals is estimated by the Japan whaling association to have begun around the 12th century. Hirata, a political scientist at California State University-Northridge, says that the reason the Japanese continue to kill these whales is because of their culture “the symbol for whale (pronounced kujira) includes within it a component that means fish.” Since whales are considered just a really big fish, she writes, “most Japanese lack any special love of whales and disagree with Western animal rights activists who insist on whales’ rights.” they think at the western culture are hypocrites because they  protest the killing  of some animals like whales but,they don’t see anything wrong with killing other animals like baby cattle .   

They are the second largest mammals in the world. They weight almost 80 tons and can be up to 65-to 80 feet in length.  They have a ridge on their back behind the dorsal fin; this gives it the nickname “razorback.

fin whale

In February  2014 nineteen kids wrote letters to President Obama asking  for help  to stop killing the fin whale.

kid letter-3

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