What’s happening to 2018?

photography by: Wendy Mesa

     New year fireworks are what we wait for every year, not new year gun-fire. All over the U.S, we have had mass shootings, school shootings, and officers killed on duty during the month of January. So many shootings have come into play this year that people do not find it surprising any longer. 2018 has become a year filled with tragedy and fear. What has the world come to be?

     Parents send their children to school with the thought in their head,” They will be safe in just the 8 hours they are learning”. The last thought on their mind is that someone would want to harm their children or threaten to harm them in any way. In just this past month there have been 12 school shootings, the first taking place on January 3, 2018. This was a suicidal act of a 31-year -old man, so no harm came to the children. Looking at the next 11 shootings, not all were active shootings. The first non-accidental school shooting was January 22, 2018, sending one student to the emergency room with superficial injuries. shortly afterward in Kentucky on January 23, 2018, a boy killed two students and leaving 18 injured. Not knowing what these students or people are thinking, makes many think how to treat others and actions can affect others.

     Local law enforcement officers put their life on the line for citizens each and every day. The fact that law enforcement officials are being shot and killed regularly greatly impact polices officers nationwide.Talking to officer Scott Dunnam from Lochbuie PD says, ” It is scary.We are people.just because we put on a uniform with a badge does not make us any less of a person.” In the month of January of the new year, 18 officers from the US were killed in the line of duty. Some Officers that were killed were Lieutenant Christopher Robateau, officer Chris Beaudoin, Deputy Sheriff Daniel A. McCartney, Detective Michael R. Doty, Deputy U.S. Marshal Christopher David Hill, Deputy Sheriff Heath McDonald Gumm, Police Officer Glenn Anthony Doss, Jr., Deputy Sheriff Micah Flick, Reserve Officer Jarate Dewayne Condit. These men were killed by gunshots, car crashes and hit with cars even 9/11 related illnesses. Many of these officers were survived by their wife and their children.

     It’s not every day someone wakes up and says that they want to hurt as many people possible but on the first of 2018  the first mass shooting happened in Huntsville, AL. A series of mass shootings occurred in the same month after another even some on the same day in different states. Many bystanders and officers were injured in the process. The state with the highest kills in Pennsylvania. The state with the highest injured is Benton, KY. Citizens hope that the list of mass shootings does not increase past 35 where it is at now. What happened to 2018, the fear and suspense what may occur next are affecting many, in the hope that these tragedies don’t become a norm in the U.S.

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