Tide Pods Challenge : Challenge turns Deadly?


Tide Pods Challenge: Challenge turns Deadly


There have been so many challenges that our generation has come up with. There have been a lot of fun ones, such as the “Gallon Challenge” and the “Cinnamon Challenge.” Then there are the dangerous ones that our generation has dared each other to do, such as pour salt in their hands and hold ice till it burns. But this challenge tops all of the other challenges on the danger scale. How are tide pods dangerous? Tide Pods are made out of very harmful and poisonous chemicals such as polyvinyl alcohol which if ingested can kill you almost instantly. So the tide pod challenge consists of putting the laundry detergent pod in your mouth and either letting it dissolve or taking a bite of the less than “delicious” pod. The Tide Pods Challenge should not be allowed to go on this long.

What are the next steps that we can take in order to stop this ridiculous challenge from getting any bigger than it is? Some stores have taken precautionary steps of stopping this challenge by locking the Tide Pods up in boxes, but that won’t stop anyone. If they really want to they can still buy it at the register. According to Tide, they have taken a major step by removing the pods from stores as of  February  2018. This could have all been avoided if the people of our generation would have seen the stupidity of the challenge before it even surfaced the web and went viral. I asked a few people in the school about how they felt about the challenge and many of them thought it was not the brightest thing to do. “ I thought Tide Pods would only have been used for washing clothes and nothing else and I think the kids that have even attempted it should go back to elementary school and learn common sense because I think that it has been the worst challenge our generation has ever thought of, but that’s just my opinion” Said Patrick Pulido. “

“ No matter how much you pay me, I wouldn’t do it at all, ” says Brandon Burke. Tide Pods are the challenge and are becoming more deadly every minute, What should we do about it?

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