High School Students Taking College Classes

Have you ever heard of students taking college classes while still in high school? Well, let me tell you what Weld Central High School students are doing. Students say that they take college classes while in high school because it helps them have an increased grade and higher GPAs in college. I interviewed one student, Andrea Montenegro. These are her replies.


Is it hard to stay on task from your school work and with your college work?  

“It is difficult sometimes when the work starts piling up on you from high school classes and college. Somehow I manage to get it together and finish all my work for both High School and College.”

Would you recommend people to have college classes?

“I would definitely recommend people to take college classes because it gives you the opportunity to take a step further in your education. It helps later in the future and the classes are very interesting too.”

This is why I believe that high school students should get enrolled in college classes. It helps later in your career. If you are a high school student, a parent of a high schooler, or someone influential in a high schooler’s life, I greatly encourage you to look into Concurrent Enrollment. Most school districts will even pay for up to two gtPathways classes!

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