Global Warming



The earth is heating and it will continue to heat up until we make a change. The global temperature is expected to rise another 2 degrees celsius on top of the 2 degrees that we have increased since 1977. That’s a total of 3.6 degrees fahrenheit. If the temperature does continue to rise(which it will) then not only will our environment suffer, but the animals will suffer from it also. Some animals are already suffering from the temperature change such as polar bears,frogs, and birds. This is forcing the species to act differently and is changing their behaviours immensely.

Birds are nesting,breeding, and migrating a lot earlier due to climate change. The species  in habitats that disappear completely are the species that are in the most danger. It is a possibility that the animals can adjust quick enough to the climate change because they have adjusted before. This time it is happening a lot quicker than the species are used to. Polar bears are having to change what they eat on a daily basis because due to ice freezing and melting earlier than its supposed to.

Global warming affects us in many ways. Climate change makes areas dryer and is make it easier for fires to start. Sea levels are rising and oceans are heating further endangering fish,  coral, and other living organisms in the ocean. Climate change also has an impact on turtles and where they lay their eggs. Climate change also cause malaria carrying mosquitos to migrate closer to us putting us in danger. We need to change what we’re doing in order to save not only the animals, but to save ourselves.

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