Special Edition: Editorials from Journalists Period 7 (Semester 1)

Amanda Bellis
Dec 20, 2017
People in love go through a lot of struggles and although they can eventually be fixed most times, same-sex relationships face the worst struggle, being against of banned from marriage because it’s not okay in people’s eyes. When in reality, if you take away the gender labels, and just see two kids in love then what’s the difference? What harm does it do if you let two people who love each other marry? We allow marriage and encourage it all the time only to ban it when it comes to a man and a man, or a woman and another woman, and it just doesn’t fit certain peoples criteria.
Marriage has both physical and mental health benefits, and banning same-sex marriage increases mental disorders.  A 2010 analysis by the American Journal of Public Health found that after states banned gay marriage, the people affected by it had increased the levels of disorders, increasing 37% in mood disorders, 42% increase in Alcohol use problems, and 48% increased in generalized anxiety disorders.This evidence just shows that the way people are banning others from showing their love is destroying them. It’s giving kids fear of coming out because of the backlash they could experience. People are being denied the most common form of emotion and its messing them up frankly.
There are hundreds of thousands of children in foster homes and orphanages waiting to be adopted. It’s harder and more complicated to be able to adopt for same-sex relationships. Although the main problem is that it is two men or two women adopting, rather than a woman and man. This is due to the belief that every kid should have a mom and dad, and that belief has been around for so long, people don’t want to think another way. They say that it has been that way for forever and that’s how it should stay. But everything changes, no matter if people like it or not.
For many people, Marriage has always been set between a man and woman. US District Court of Appeals Judge Jeffrey S. Sutton wrote “Marriage has long been an institution defined by relationships between men and women. So long defined the tradition is measured in millennia, not centuries or decades. So widely shared, the tradition until recently had been adopted by all governments and major religions of the world”  this was said in a session talking about gay marriage bans in Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio on November 6, 2014. Although many believe that the concept of traditional marriage has changed a lot. According to the Bible, King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. But it doesn’t stop there, various amounts of men have married multiple women, ruining the image of ‘marriage between a man and a woman’, meaning one single human man, and one single human woman. The rise of effective contraception really transformed marriage, from how many children the family wanted, of if they even wanted to have any at all. If they became unhappy, they had the choice to divorce. “Marriage has become primarily a personal contract between two equals seeking love, stability, and happiness” Thus the new definition opened the door for same-sex couples to get married too. “But for better and for worse, traditional marriage has already been destroyed, and the process began long before anyone even dreamed of legalizing same-sex marriage.”
Legalizing gay marriage has been linked to lower divorce rates while banning gay marriage correlates to higher divorce rates. Massachusetts had the lowest divorce rate in the country in 2008, lowering by 21% between 2003 and 2008.  While Massachusetts was winning, other states and countries kept the ban, like in Alaska, where the divorce rate had increased by 17.2% in the same period of Massachusetts legalizing gay marriage. People who are actually happy together and get the chance to make it official just solidifies the love and could give the feeling of not being left out, not being alienated by others, and finally feeling like they don’t have to worry anymore.
The whole point of this is that, yes, there are bad sides to gay marriage. But there are bad sides to any other marriage out there. You can live your life how you want, so why is it wrong for someone else to do the same thing? People may always agree to ban gay marriage, forgetting about the thousands of children waiting to be adopted into a family, forgetting that traditional marriage has been destroyed long ago, even maybe refusing to see that divorce rates lower with the gained rights for gay marriage. They will decide to continue to label the rising disorders as being over dramatic and fake, and they will continue to only see the evil in gay marriage. As people keep doing this, people will still fight against it, and more data will be revealed and although everyone might not agree, they should at least learn to show some decency to another human being, no matter their preference. It’s not your life, so why are you trying so hard to destroy it?
Roy Brewer
Jan 8
Roy Brewer
JournalismSome may say that humanity is getting more violent, with them blaming it on some t.v shows and video games… well, I think that is kinda like the dumbest thing. No one can deny that these things may have an influence on people’s minds but you can’t blame it all on these t.v shows and video games. A lot of these people are people that either have problems with how violent things on a screen can be, and others may have been affected by it as maybe a family member has gone to jail for doing something bad and they just want something to blame so they can cope with their issue.

With these types of people, they are stuck in what they think is right and are very closed minded with things that go against what they think and want to ignore the facts. Most people are either traumatized by something that has happened in their life prior to what they have done. Or they may have been introduced to something that can make them more violent. And I’m not saying that it couldn’t be video games or violent t.v shows but maybe something that was in their real life.

Obviously people will never be able to prove it these two things affect the amount of people that turn violent and began to do terrible things but this is to all the ignorant people that don’t like to have an open mind and don’t want to think about what could really be going on in their life to make them this way. I AM NOT saying that people should accept these type of people because of their background because I know I could never forgive someone if they took a family member from me but others might be able to do that.

This is probably the most bland topic, and I think that most would agree that people have these issues from start to finish. But if anyone was close-minded about this topic then this might open their eyes… but probably not because they don’t understand how life goes 😀

Krys Davis
1:12 PM
Money Can Buy Happiness
Growing up, I always tried to find ways to bring joy into my seemingly miserable life, but always fell short when I couldn’t do anything without paying. Of course, coming across money when you’re ten years old is a blessing all in all. You have so many doors open up for you, you can buy almost anything of your dreams, and this continues on throughout life. When you get older though, the money you earn has to go towards bills and personal expenses. When someone is down, usually the best thing to do is invite them out for a night and take them out to eat, out for a drink, or out for a fun night on the town. Since everything costs money in one way or another, the true key to happiness can be bought.
The need for a financial base is key in most people’s futures since their careers primarily determine what class they’re going to be in. If a career has a better financial turnout, then the happier a person is going to be. When someone is offered an opportunity for a better paying job across the country, a large portion of the population would take it just for the ability to have a better financial sitting. Money is the one thing that can bring people together. Whether you take someone out for a date at a restaurant, or out to an amusement park, there is a need for money for everything, both outside and inside out of the house. If you want to play a video-game and want some in-game bonus packs, you’re going to have to pay money.
Money can not only buy materialistic things but also time with important people in your life. It can buy your plane tickets, train passes, or gasoline. It buys the pure happiness of seeing those you love and want to surround yourself with their company. Science has also proved this case, where buying time with your family and friends is the key, according to PNAS, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Even though your in-laws might be some of the worst people in existence, spending some sort of time with them is beneficial to your health, that is of course until the politics are brought in.
Being the root of most things in life, money is what can bring happiness to anyone’s future. Whether it be in the form of a financial base for a stable future or a materialistic thing, money can buy happiness.
Hugo Delgado
Dec 20, 2017

To Understand our World

We are now in the first couple of days of December 2017, and it has not snowed at all in Colorado. Knowing Colorado, one can say that it’s a bipolar state with unexpected weather conditions but, it’s unusual that Colorado has stayed warm for this long. It’s no other than Global Warming affecting our state, our country, and our world as we know it. As a matter of fact, we humans are the ones to blame. First of all, to understand what situation we have put ourselves in, we have to understand the context of global warming.

Global warming occurs when carbon dioxide (CO2), and other air pollutants and greenhouse gases collect in the atmosphere and absorb sunlight and solar radiation that have bounced off the earth’s surface. For more clarity, if the atmosphere has more CO2 and pollutant particles floating around, the solar radiation will have trouble with getting off the atmosphere. It will be trapping the heat and cause the planet to get hotter. Not to mention that fossil fuel and wildfires create more heat taking up the oxygen and leaving more CO2 behind.
Over the past 50 years, the average global temperature has increased. According to Natural Resources Defense Council(a study of environmental care), if we continue to live the same life as we are doing right now, the average U.S. temperatures could increase by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit over the next century. It may not seem a lot but, our world is a lot more delicate than one would think. With many scientific claims, Peter deMenocal (a scientist from NY University) stated that”Changing the average temperature of an entire planet, even if it’s just by a few degrees, is a big deal.” It can have an effect of increasingly intense storms, wider-ranging wildfires, and increasing drought, among other changes. If you were to think further to the future and continue the same life, the century will come that the U.S has contributed 10-degree increase to global warming, just imagine how the weather would be unbalanced and untamed.
To make things worse, yet still speaking with truth, one could probably not understand what the other living species are or would be going through. We humans seem to be so greedy thinking that this world we have is just for the superior beings. Some would think that they are just dumb animals and they can go find a new home. The human population has already doubled in growth by billions in the last 37 years. 7.5 billion to be a bit more precise,” and if you don’t understand how big the number 7.5 billion is, then you would be surprised that all this space we humans take up will not be enough to probably even share it with other species in the future. Humans are already one of the problems that animals are struggling to survive or even going to extinction. And with the whole global warming affecting the environment, animals will have to struggle with adapting even more.
Although there are people that are trying to make a change and spreading the world of change, there are still those companies that take advantage of their wealth to over consume unnecessary reliable resources rather than helping for a cause. Out of their greed, they consume in a large amount with the outcome of selling more, to make more profit. all the factories releasing pollution and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, causes the heat to be trapped in our atmosphere. And it may not just be companies, but also people that pollute the earth by having many cars and starting wildfires, etc, humans are the main cause for why Global Warming is happening and there is no denying it.
All in all, if we don’t start realizing that we have one home, one choice to make while we still have time to do what’s best for life, instead most of us be blinded with greed and having more. To realize what’s best for our future generations to come, not to ruin their opportunity they could have of living healthy and safe here. Unless someone like me cared a whole awful lot, things are not going to get better; they just won’t.
by Hugo Delgado
Aarianna Fish
Dec 21, 2017
Aarianna Fish
Period 5
FinalBirth Control Accessible to Everyone of all Ages?

Young females should be able to access birth control without parents’ consent point blank. It is a person’s own right to control what medication they take or the contraceptives, they use. When you’re a teenager young and confused still trying to figure out what you are going to do in life, and then all of a sudden you have a huge responsibility in raising a child, what do you do? Not only can being pregnant be confusing but going through puberty can be a very complicated time for females. There are many effects that last a lifetime and birth control can prevent these hormones from being out of whack. Abortion-a topic that isn’t just brought up with a lost pregnant female, but brought up with many political parties. All of these concerns are raised when one simple question is asked. Should females be able to access birth control without parental consent?

If I were a teen and pregnant, I would be lost. I wouldn’t know what to do. Yes, some teens have been dealt this hand and they played it well. But there are also many teens who, if were dealt this hand, they would stand up and walk away from the table. If you weren’t fit to be a parent as a teen, wouldn’t you want to make sure there is something that assures that you can not get pregnant? Birth control is the answer. Birth control has been proven to reduce the percentage of teen pregnancies 36% from 2007 to 2013. Studies also show that since, long-lasting contraceptives such as IUD’s, have been introduced there have also been a decrease in teen pregnancies.
Believe it or not, birth control is not just used to prevent getting pregnant. It helps keep all your hormones and side effects of menstrual periods under control. Or eliminate it in all. Hormones have a big role in a teen females life, especially during puberty. There are many things that can happen if a female’s hormones are not in check. Side effects that can be taken care of with birth control can be; clearing acne, getting rid of severe cramps and preventing many diseases. Some diseases including POI (primary ovarian insufficiency), this disease causes a woman’s ovaries to stop working before the age of 40. Other’s are PCOS and Endometriosis. Another symptom that is most of the time joked about, is PMS. Premenstrual Syndrome, it is very common and trust me if there is a pill that can fix this then, it would make life ten times better. PMS is when a female has mood swings, bloating, fatigue, headaches, cravings and much more before they start their menstrual cycle. So pretty much about anything and everything a woman complains about. Yes, that nasty thing called a period, can all vanish with birth control. It all around keeps hormones in check in the short run or long.
Abortion, many times when mentioned can be a touchy subject. As mentioned earlier, abortion has been a very political topic. Many people DO NOT approve of abortions. How can they be prevented? Most of the time the answer is abstinence. Well, sex drive is a natural thing, you can’t prevent it. Everyone has sex it’s not a matter of if but when. A realistic answer is birth control. If you were protected to begin with you would be carefree. Plan B is not considered having an abortion, it is another form of a contraceptive. Since birth control and Plan B have been introduced to humans, the rate of abortion has gone down. In many other countries, some including; Turkey, Tunisia, and Switzerland studies have proven when the percentage of contraceptive use has raised the rate of abortions decreased. If birth control was accessible to those who have had to have an abortion then, I promise you they would have taken that option over abortion.
Let’s face it, the “teenager” phase is a confusing and complicated time. Many teens don’t talk to their parents about everything especially things that have to do with the “No! No! Square”. If contraceptives were accessible everywhere to everyone, obviously only prescribed by a doctor, then I believe we would be able to solve many of our problems. Give props to the teens who were able to raise a child as a teen, because there are many teens who can’t. You also wouldn’t have to deal with females complaining all the time about things that don’t concern you. Last but definitely not least, birth control helps prevent women from having abortions. Birth control is not the devil, it helps prevent a lot from happening.
Rebekah Fletcher
Dec 19, 2017
The existence of God has been argued over for-not decades, not centuries-but millennia. Many intelligent people turn atheist because they see the logic behind the argument that claims there isn’t a God. Many modern-day teenagers and youths turn agnostic because they’ve seen the circumstances surrounding their lives and question how a God can create such experiences. Yet, there’s always been a small handful of people who have faith in a supreme being, who refuse the logic of science in favor of their own faith, despite the persecution through the ages. Now, with all of the new discoveries in science, the one constant question is whether any of them can prove the existence of God.
The main source of the argument for the existence of God is the Bible, a compilation of writings from different authors, most of whom lived before Jesus did. I can just hear you asking why I said that Jesus lived. I can answer that. It isn’t a question that Jesus lived, it’s a fact, and is supported logically. Bart Ehrman, atheist, and author of Did Jesus Exist? The Historical Argument for Jesus of Nazareth, says that Jesus existed because if he was made up, he wouldn’t have been so easily defeated. “The Messiah was supposed to overthrow the enemies – and so if you’re going to make up a messiah, you’d make up a powerful messiah,” he says. “You wouldn’t make up somebody who was humiliated, tortured and killed by the enemies.” It’s a logical argument. Many, however, would argue that the Bible is not a reliable source with which to prove the existence of Jesus. Dr. Craig A. Evans, accredited author, and professor tells a different story, saying that “there’s every reason to conclude that the Gospels have fairly and accurately reported the essential elements of Jesus’ teachings, life, death, and resurrection. They’re early enough, they’re rooted into the right streams that go back to Jesus and the original people, there’s continuity, there’s proximity, there’s verification of certain distinct points with archaeology and other documents, and then there’s the inner logic.” Got Questions? Ministries back up this statement by saying that “not only is the Bible reliable, it is more reliable than any other comparable writings.” They argue that the main test for reliability has been passed many times over by the Bible, as all the facts in it that can be verified have done exactly that.
This truth isn’t just based off of the historical side of it, it is also founded on the scientific perspective. Eternal Productions brings up over 100 proven scientific facts that have been addressed in the Bible. A prominent one would be the presence of atoms in all matter. The following verse appears to be acknowledging the existence of atoms as having been created by God: Hebrews 11:3 (NKJV) “By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.” This isn’t the only verse Eternal Productions sites. Another is one which claims that the Earth is circular, which isn’t something that many scientists knew or believed until the times of Christopher Columbus. This is Isaiah 40:22 (KJV) “It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:” In Isaiah 9:6, the prophet Isaiah declared “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” According to the Bible, Jesus was this child, also called the Messiah. So, theoretically, if none of the facts in the Bible have been disproved, and will never be disproved, this means that its very foundation of the existence of God is just as reliable a fact and is true.
Many believe that the fact that God is invisible is proof enough that he doesn’t exist. Albert Einstein’s professor brought up that God must not exist because none of your senses can acknowledge him. In order to refute this claim, Einstein argued that one couldn’t see, touch, feel, hear, or taste the professor’s brain, so his theory must be flawed if he says he has a brain. A valid defense, indeed. However, the claim itself is technically also flawed, because now, one can see a brain, through the means of an MRI. Despite this new development in this debate, it’s a good theory that sometimes, even if your five senses cannot perceive something, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. It just means that you have more faith in that belief than the average person. For instance, we know that wind exists. How? It’s invisible right? Yes, but we see its effects on things. In 1872, Christina Rosetti said, “Who has seen the wind? Neither you nor I; but when the trees bow down their heads, the wind is passing by.” The proof of the existence of wind is right in front of us. Just as this is true, one can see the effects of God in life. For example, Christians have a firm belief in an afterlife. This changes their lives around to see that there is hope for a life after death; their life doesn’t just end.
Can the existence of God be proven? In my opinion, yes. Many people will still find themselves questioning just because they don’t want to be convinced. The condition of one’s walk with God is ultimately up to that person, as well as whether they believe in God or not. Do you believe?

Jacob Hoffman
Dec 21, 2017

The Colorado Rapids 2017 season didn’t go as planned, with a record of 9-19-6. Overall the season wasn’t a complete bust, some positivity came out of the end.

What Went Right
The season started out promising with a home win against New England Revolution. After that, the season began to spiral downward, but that doesn’t mean the season was absolutely terrible. We picked up a new assistant coach, Rapids legend, Conor Casey. Another positive outcome of the season was the signing of Stefan Aigner, a German midfielder who controls the game very well. Other than those 2 big signings, the only other positive outcomes of our season were the skill development of Dominique Badji, the Rapids MVP, and Kortne Ford, a 2017 rookie of the year nominee.

What Went Wrong
Besides those 3 positive outcomes, the Rapids 2017 was a huge disappointment. At the beginning of the season, we traded our veteran midfielder, Sam Cronin, which left a gaping hole in our midfield. Shortly after the trade, injuries shocked our season. Our brick wall in defense Axel Sjoberg had constant hamstring issues, and Bismark Boateng, another midfielder, had back issues. Besides losing our best players, our head coach, Pablo Mastroeni, just wasn’t doing the job. Near the end of the season, he was cut from the club. Sadly, after hiring a new coach the Colorado Rapids still could not manage to win too many games, ending the season in 2nd to last place in the MLS.

What They Need to do Moving Forward
In this upcoming 2018 season, a path to success all starts with the offseason. During the offseason, the Rapids need to find a new head coach, that looks to ignite the league and lead the rapids through a winning season. Also, during the off season, the Rapids also need to become more defensively minded than offensively minded. Through our 2017 season, the Rapids became too offensively minded which caused us to concede too many goals.

With a combination of fixing their errors, working hard in the offseason, and having all their players come back healthily from their injuries, there is no doubt we can go to the playoffs in the 2018 season, and be the successful club we once were in the 2016 season.

Daniel Hyberg
Dec 20, 2017

“Those who don’t know history are bound to repeat it” – Edmund Burke

Schools are meant to provide an accurate and unbiased education to each generation. As this quote by Edmund Burke shows, without an accurate understanding of history it is difficult to mature and avoid mistakes. However, schools teach with more bias than they should. They do this by making historical figures into heroes and ignoring minorities in history.

Schools, teachers, and textbook authors often ignore the significance of minorities in history. Many students are under the impression that all technological progress is European and American. Textbooks often don’t give Afro-Phoenicians credit for their circumnavigation of a large part of the world. Bartolomeu Dias is often portrayed as the first person to round the Cape of Good Hope in 1488 C.E. However, Phoenicians sailed as far as Ireland and England and all the way around Africa before 600 B.C.E.
Christopher Columbus is credited as having been the first person to sail to North America, but this is also not true. Sometime between 70,000 B.C.E. and 12,000 B.C.E., Siberians traveled all the way to Alaska. Around 1,000 B.C.E., Afro-Phoenicians traveled to Central America. By 500 B.C.E. Celts had traveled to New England. This is only a fraction of the list of people who had visited America before Columbus.
Another way that schools teach a biased version of history is through heroification. Heroification is the process of making a historical figure a hero and ignoring their many flaws. One person that is commonly made into a heroic figure is Woodrow Wilson. President Wilson is famed for leading America into World War I and helping to create the League of Nations afterward. Few students are taught about Woodrow Wilson’s negative policies. Wilson put policies into place that segregated the federal government and intervened in Latin America more than any other president. Wilson put troops in Mexico, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Panama, and Nicaragua. He sent military forces into Mexico a total of 11 times. Many textbooks imply that the invasions were not Woodrow’s fault. “Cries for intervention burst from the lips of American Jingoes,” states Pageant in 2006. Wilson did eventually send forces to Mexico – without Congress’ permission. Textbooks show Wilson being reluctant, but it was Wilson’s idea from the start. Both sides of Mexico’s civil war demanded that Wilson should withdraw American forces, he reluctantly did so after public pressure rose.
Wilson also had exploits in Haiti. He used a military presence in Haiti to influence their president and create policies he wanted. Many textbooks completely omit Wilson’s takeover of Haiti. U.S. forces invaded Haiti in 1915 and forced the Haitian legislature to select our preferred candidate. When Haiti wouldn’t go to war with Germany after the U.S. decided to, Woodrow dissolved the Haitian legislature. The United States then helped put an even less democratic constitution in place in Haiti. Piero Gleijesus stated, “It is not that Wilson failed in his earnest efforts to bring democracy to these little countries. He never tried. He intervened to impose hegemony, not a democracy.” I think hegemony is an extremely accurate word to describe Woodrow Wilson’s actions. Hegemony Textbooks and teachers teach bias by ignoring the negative and controversial actions of historical figures like President Woodrow Wilson.
There is a lesson in all of this: never assume anything is bias-free. If even what you are learning in school is extremely biased, you can’t be sure how inaccurate or biased your own perspective is. It’s important to remember that history isn’t just a collection of facts, it’s a long story filled with bias that will never be completely accurate. In order to remedy this, you can educate yourself with reliable primary sources such as government censuses and archives. Go to a library or interview an old timer – you might learn something new.

Austin Inskeep
Dec 21, 2017
Austin Inskeep
Final paper
JournalismPrivate High Schools should compete within their own sports leagues because they are afforded resources, mainly financial, that public schools do not have access to. Private High schools in Colorado dominate sports leagues and championship tournaments across the state in many sports, leaving many wondering why there seems to be a common trend of private school success, considering their low enrollment numbers and the plain small percentage of private high schools in Colorado. I think I have an explanation for this.

Private schools, in comparison to public, have astronomically high enrollment tuition costs. The money that private schools earn through enrollment fees and tuition can be put towards whatever the school pleases. Their teachers and staff are not paid with state money like public schools staff are, so therefore if it was in a private schools intentions, they could funnel massive amounts of funds into athletic programs, simply because they are playing with large amounts of money. In contrast to the minuscule financial breathing room public schools are working with, which are mainly raised through donations and fundraiser, when it comes to athletic programs, we can see why public schools are at such a disadvantage in athletic competitions.

In many other states, like Florida and Georgia, private schools either compete within their own leagues or are put in higher classifications than their actual enrollment numbers. This has yet to happen in Colorado, as schools like Valor Christian, who have won eight state championships in the last ten years, continue to dominate on an uneven playing field.

The Denver Post published an article detailing these struggles for public schools competing against Valor.

“Valor teams are financed from tuition, student sports fees, gate receipts, a booster club and passionate donors. As for the school, it’s palatial. There are state-of-the-art facilities — Unruh estimated that the 4,000-seat football stadium cost between $8 million and $9 million. An expansive weight room features numerous weight-training coaches on site and even an array of Muscle Milk products for students.

This school year, the athletic budget at Valor is $1.2 million.
“One guy gave me a tour over there, and their video equipment, you could put it at CU in a heartbeat. It’s ridiculous,” Chaparral’s Vogt said. “I have to fundraise every penny. I get $500 every year to run this program from the district. I have to fundraise about $40,000-50,000 a year just to put helmets, shoulder pads, uniforms on my boys, plus pay for buses. It’s a grind.
“I’ve got eight assistant coaches that aren’t paid a dime. A dime.””It is clear that there is an issue that, for the sake of the kids and their high school sports experience, needs to be fixed.

Rebekah Jeffery
Dec 19, 2017
Rebekah Jeffery
In recent years, depression and anxiety rates in teens have skyrocketed. Many people contribute this to the wider distribution of smartphones. Others blame it on other factors, including harder school work, more homework, and more responsibility. Whatever the case, teenage mental health has been on the decline, and everyone has opinions as to why. But whatever anyone thinks is the cause, no one has any solutions. Students in middle and high school should have a yearly mental health screening. Many people may think that this would be tedious and unnecessary, but it is absolutely necessary if we hope to stop this epidemic and learn more about mental illnesses in teens.Kids having a yearly mental health screening would help us learn more about mental illnesses in teens. “Approximately one in five adolescents has a diagnosable mental disorder, such as depression and/or anxiety disorders…. Less than half of adolescents with psychiatric disorders received any kind of treatment in the last year.” (-The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). Because every kid would be screened, more students would be diagnosed with mental illnesses. With more diagnoses, there will be more evidence and signs to look for when diagnosing teens with mental illnesses, and then those diagnoses will be more accurate.

If there is a reason that teenage mental illness is increasing, a yearly screening of students in schools would also help us come up with definitive evidence to support that reason. The American College Health Association surveyed 100,000 college students at 53 US campuses and found that 84 percent of US students feel unable to cope, 79 percent are exhausted, 60 percent feel very sad and more than half are experiencing overwhelming anxiety. Lythcott-Haims directly links these staggering conclusions to the way that children have become a project, not just in themselves, but also for their parents’ egos. (-www.independent.co.uk). In recent years, society has set higher standards for young adults and teens which may be contributing to why we are seeing higher mental illness rates in adolescents. If we did a yearly screening, we may actually be able to pinpoint the exact reason why this is happening, chart the data collected to see how much the rates are increasing and help to solve this problem.

While some people may think that it is unnecessary to screen kids yearly for signs of mental illness, it would not be very hard to do, and it would help us in many ways. Students of all ages are given yearly hearing and vision tests, so we would easily be able to do the same with mental illness testing. Despite the fact that not all teens have mental illnesses, a yearly screening would get help for those that do, as well as give us more information about mental health in teens.

Middle and High School students should be given a yearly mental health screening because it will help get us more information about mental illness in teens, it will allow teens that need help to get help, and it would not be difficult to do. We need to give teens a yearly mental health screening because it won’t harm anyone and will help everyone, including society as a whole.

Destyne Kalcevic
Dec 20, 2017

Money vs. happiness

What is the true meaning of happiness? When do we know when we have found it? Some of us may think that happiness is finding something you really love and you can only buy those things. Money plays a big part in happiness. What people don’t know is that when all you think about is money and not others is when you make others unhappy. Putting your needs before someone else shouldn’t make anyone feel good about themselves. Money can turn people into another person and by the looks of it, that gets them nowhere. 48% of people think that money does buy happiness. In my opinion, money doesn’t translate to happiness because people have an empty feeling of loneliness or love and they seem to replace that with money. Some can keep buying and buying until they are satisfied but that soon fades away because true happiness is priceless. The true meaning of happiness is misused for consumerism, which is a process built on temporary happiness that creates a continuous hunger for new things to feel that momentary pleasure.

Some may have the most money in the world and seem to be happy but are actually longing for love and they may be lonely. I feel bad for those people because they will never know how good it feels to give to someone or have something little that means so much to you. If you never work for something, then you don’t know what you have until you lose it. The bad thing about doing good things is that people don’t tend to recognize them and your good heart goes unnoticed. As long as you have a good feeling about what you did then you don’t need to be noticed. I find it nice not having to be wealthy because then I would only think about myself. Shouldn’t we want to think of others and try to help them?

I know that when I go to the store, I can’t resist all my favorite foods like orange chicken. People can keep buying and buying things until they are fully satisfied but that temporary pleasure soon fades away because we are faced with the reality that this happiness can’t last forever. Once it ends we go right back to getting things for ourselves because we think that is what we deserve. Money can’t buy the true meaning of happiness and once we realize that, we start to feel that joy. For example, Christmas tends to be one of the most wonderful times of the year. What they don’t realize is that the people who don’t have anything, aren’t able to feel that happiness. When we say that Christmas is when we should worry about our family and give, does that mean the rest of the year is when we should worry about ourselves? What I’m saying is that all year round is when money gets the best of us. Money is tempting and it’s another way for us to turn into different people.

48% of people think that money brings you happiness. They think this because you can have a lot of things, for example, a new car or a girlfriend and are just fine. They think that you can be content with these things. My opinion on this is that everyone is unhappy in a way and use money to make them happy. It’s a different issue when someone has no money and have a sad life compared to someone who has everything but buys more because they aren’t happy. I can see where they get these two different types of people mixed up but my argument is over whether or not you use money to make you happy.

The world seems to tell us what we need and we seem to listen to this. The world comes out with all these ideas and being as needy and greedy as we are, we think that we can use these ideas to our advantage. So no, money doesn’t buy happiness. It doesn’t know what really makes you happy. It’s like a mask that covers up the people/things that really matter to us. No, it’s our mask that confuses people for another person. Who would you rather be viewed as?

 Austin Knox
Jan 8

How necessary is college education?

A college education is a very important part of life. You can expose yourself to many different things by going to college. Many people get careers from getting a college education. Various people don’t think they need a college education but it will help them out in the long run

A lot of the time people get a college education so they are able to get a good paying job to support for themselves. Different jobs require a certain amount of time in school in order for a person to apply for a job. If you want to be a dermatologist that you must have 12 years of a college education. They make about $312,000 annually with a degree. They require a particular amount of years of college because they want the applicant to get experience in this are so they won’t hurt someone or do something wrong.

College education expands what you know to another extent. People learn more than just academics. They also learn valuable life skills. Students will have to learn how to budget, get a job and time management. Many students need to pay for their classes and books by getting a job and saving up so they are able to pay for these things just like you do whenever you are out of school. Some Parents of these students say that it’s too much for these kids. Soon they will grow fatigued and want to just quit parents think they’re making it too hard for them. This is just getting them ready for real life when they get out of college. Students are going to have to pay bills just like adults do so they are just teaching them now how to get ready for it.

In college, you can take many different classes that will expose you to places/things you have never seen or been to before. Many students study abroad which gives them the opportunity to go across the sea go to college there and study their language/culture. Some students are not fortunate enough to go to these places because they don’t have enough money. That’s why colleges give students the opportunity experience these amazing things.

This is my opinion on college education. It’s a very important part in life!

Isaac McWilliams
1:26 PM
Ivonne Olivas
Dec 20, 2017

Are Dance/Cheer Real Sports?

Why are dance and cheerleading not Olympic sports? The answer is simple; the majority of the population doesn’t consider them sports. This is one of the largest lies in the athletic world. Dance and cheer check off all of the boxes contained within the definition of a sport all around the world.
First off, a sport must be a “physical activity which involves propelling a mass through space or overcoming the resistance of mass”. For instance, in football, the ball is thrown in the air and overcomes air friction. In cheerleading, the mass being thrown in the air is not a ball, but a girl. I don’t know about you, but the fact that a human life is being thrown ten feet in the air is more frightening than a piece of plastic being thrown ten yards. The intense and difficult stunts that are done on the daily in cheerleading are most definitely propelling masses that overcome the resistance of mass. Moving on to dance, girls and boys alike that do a variety of turns like pirouettes, fouettes, or chaines are defying gravity by enclosing themselves within their bodies and resisting the friction of the ground and air alike. As seen, both cheer and dance test positive for being sports according to the official definition.

In addition, competitions for both sports exist and are some of the most cut-throat competitions in the athletic world. Unlike other sports that are judged by the final score on the scoreboard, dance and cheer are judged by many factors. For instance, facials, technique, and synchronization. UDA and UCA are both amazing associations that host challenging competitions all over the United States of America. Not only that, but in order to place or win at a competition, cheer and dance teams work extremely hard to choreograph and hit winning routines. Month after month of two to four-hour practices are held to win competitions.
Of course, there are haters out there in the world that say, “anyone can be a dancer or cheerleader, it’s not even that hard.” Actually, at a debate website, there was a rude comment that said something along the lines of, “I’ve never seen a dancer break a sweat. All they do is run in circles and wear makeup.” First of all, any dancer or cheerleader can tell you how hard a practice is. You can use any words to describe dance/cheer but ‘easy’ is not one of them. Second of all, an indescribable amount of dedication is needed to commit to a dance or cheer team for the season. The length of the season is completely underrated, dance and cheer go on for around seven months, rather than the usual two to three months. If this is super ‘easy’, then I guess I don’t know what that word means.
Going along those lines, dance and cheer should always be considered sports due to the high physical and emotional stress. Physically, dancers and cheerleaders must maintain a perfect equilibrium of strength and flexibility. This is paired with high endurance to be able to perform routines with decent amounts of energy. Technique is also a component which is physically straining due to the weeks and weeks of intensive repetition in order to get it down. Sure, the mental stress levels are pretty high in other sports, but dance/cheer have it crazy high. Mental exhaustion is especially tough when you are continually being analyzed and judged with every move and every face you make. Mental exhaustion additionally appears heavily when there is pressure to perform, to remember all the steps, make your moves sharp, snap your head when the appropriate time comes, keep your core tight, hit your formation, and of course, smile. If all these details make you want to puke, then never again say that dance and cheer aren’t sports. NEVER.
Laziness is not a word in a dancer or cheerleader’s dictionary. You can see this through the competitions and the great amounts of exhaustion. Dance and cheer also fit the definition of a sport like a silk glove. By personal experience, I know how difficult it is to tumble and how grueling it is to do toe touches over and over again. I know how arduous pirouettes can be and how draining it is when your kickline is wobbly. With all of this being said, if you are one of those people who don’t think dance and cheer are sports or you declare them “easy”, I have a challenge for you. Spend ten hours a week learning a choreography and bettering your technique. Then go and give a killer performance. When you feel like your legs are on fire, your throat is sandpaper, and your arms are falling off, keep a gigantic smile and wink at the crowd. Remember to keep your core tighter than new skinny jeans, keep your toes so pointed that someone could walk under the arch of your foot, and keep your energy so high it seems like you’re taking a walk in the park. Make it look easy peasy lemon squeezy and effortless. Then, you can decide whether dance and cheer are sports.
Morgan Reece
Dec 19, 2017
Do you think that kids our age or possibly younger or even older in doing school because of what their parents want them to be and not what they actually want to be? Kids look up to their parents, parents give their effort for their kids and only want the best for their kids, so why are us kids so quick to disobey or argue for what they want for us. I feel like kids should do what they want and not what their parents want them to do. We also listen to what our parents say so we think they know the best for us in reality, most of us just find it as the easy way out and do what they say so we don’t have to put the work in.
When a parent tells us to do something with their opinion on the topic we will more than likely do what they say. Such as when a parent tells us to make our beds so spiders can’t get in it, we’ll do it because they are telling us to. However, is that something that really is important? Or do they just tell us to do it because it’s what they want for us and not what we want for ourselves? Studies say that most kids listen to their parents for multiple reasons. One reason is we look up to them for advice.
We look up to them for advice and all the other help we need in life but we need to stand alone in situations. We all look up to our parents because it’s one easy way out. We all need to stand alone at a certain point but some people can’t understand that when we are heading off to college. At the age of 18 everyone is legally considered an adult. A lot of kids will move out of the house or even starting to pay for things on their own. Parents may help pay for college but that shouldn’t be a reason on why we listen to them.
Most people will look up to what their parents say because we think they know what’s best for us. We think that parents know everything so we will believe what they say. A parent might not have the same hobbies or like the same classes that we like so we need to make stands and do what we would like to, in order to pursue our future.
I feel that kids should be able to make their own choices at the age of 18 and decide where they want to go to college if they even want to go to college. Parents have influenced us to become the people we are and they need to let us grow up and be our own person once they send us off to college. I hope if you have kids or in the future, that you will support what they want to do and influence them to be the best at it.
Pricila Rivera
Dec 19, 2017
Pricila Rivera Melendez
Does Money Buy Happiness?
Does money buy happiness? In my own opinion, money doesn’t buy happiness. There are many reasons and evidence proving that money won’t buy happiness. First of all, money can not buy love. Another thing would be having gratitude and the last would be family: having your family with you or being healthy. These are some reasons why I believe money doesn’t buy happiness.
The first reason why I believe money doesn’t buy happiness is that love can not be bought. Love is feeling something for someone you care about, not something you can buy. Money may buy things that make you happy but having money could make you greedy and not think about others. Articles such as “Here’s How Winning the Lottery Makes You Miserable”: by Melissa Chan( January 12, 2016) , have proven that money could make you regret it. Jack Whittaker says “I wish that we had torn the ticket up” “My granddaughter is dead because of the money,” He told ABC. “You know, my wife had said she wished that she had torn the ticket up”. Well, I wish that He had torn the ticket up, too. This evidence shows that money is not always great it could be one of your worse nightmares that you’ll end up regretting.
My second reason why I think money doesn’t buy happiness is that having gratitude is more important. Having gratitude is better than having money because money could make you go crazy by forgetting where you came from. It also makes people change in many different ways such as making money their first priority. As said by Jeff Goins,”Money seemed like the goal of all my ambitions. If I just had ’enough,’Anyway, I’ve realized there are so many more things that are better than money.” This evidence explains how having money isn’t everything. Having gratitude in life is way better than money. For exampl, money can’t bring back people who have passed away. Be thankful now before it’s too late.
My last Reason why I think money won’t buy happiness is because having your family and being healthy is something money can’t buy. Money isn’t more valuable than your family because the family will always be there and money is something you might have today and tomorrow you won’t. As said by Scott Thompson “If you don’t pay enough attention to money, it can lower your quality of life, but if you pay too much attention to money, it can damage your relationship with your family because you lose out on time and connections with them.”
In conclusion, I believe money won’t buy happiness because money can’t buy love because love is a feeling and money can’t buy a feeling. Having gratitude is more important than money. Money is not more valuable than family.
Gabriel Villarreal
Jan 8

Students always have that one moment when a teacher giving a lesson or some sort of instruction and they ask a student to take their headphones out but is it really necessary? If its a distraction to the student then yes, but if students can focus with music why not allow it? I think it depends on the situation and how the student is affected by listing to music to bring a solution to learning.

Many researchers, as well as students, who think listing to music helps memory have called this practice the “ Mozart Effect.” This evidence shows that music has the ability to improve learning skills and memory. This would then show that music is not only to hype vibes, be played at parties or just for get-togethers.

It can improve medical outcomes and quality of life in a variety of ways. According to Harvard health Medical School, music therapy helps in easing anxiety and discomfort during medical procedures. This is a good thing because you may have a patient who is not comfortable, and you want to provide options that will comfort the patients. Music would be the main one because no matter what music is a go-to when triggering emotions within someone.

According to researchers, “ Mind-Wandering Mode,” which involves daydreaming and flitting from thought to thought” occurs while listening to music.., “It’s a flood of different thoughts that feel unconnected and loose.”

“It’s in this mode where almost all of our creativity happens, and where we’re able to come up with innovative solutions to problems.” This can spark a personability to resolve a problem or even inspire them to create, imagine, and feel something greater than themselves. It could also definitely help others than just themselves.

The evidence shows that people can be inspired through daydreaming which can definitely help them to get through life situations and improve their ability to be more creative, think outside the box.

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