Special Edition: Editorials from Journalists in Period 2 (Semester 1)

Carissa Bonney
9:35 AM
Teenagers Hooked on Nicotine?

In 2011, 5% of young students had access to e-cigarettes and vape mods. In less than five years that number has more than tripled. Students crave excitement in their lives, they will jump onto any bandwagon if their friends and classmates are interested. In a sense, they just all want to fit in with each other, but is fitting in worth the health issues it may cause you?
E-cigarettes and vape mods are made to help smokers stop that have this habit, not for smoking to become one. In young teens, vaping is leading to tobacco smoking as they get older. Both, cigarettes and vape juices include nicotine, which is the chemical in tobacco that makes it so addicting. Vape juices have different level of nicotine, some have none and others have more than cigarette has. This is becoming to addicting to a young teen, and can start bad habits early life.
Smoking and E-cigs are one of the same, just minor details which are different, they are both hazardous to your body. Smoking can damage your undeveloped brain cells, which is a proven fact according to a UCLA study. Although, i’m sure most people don’t realize e-cigs have the same effect. Nicotine can break down your immune system, and cause cardiovascular health issues. Most teens have some kind of athletic ability, and love to be doing active activities. By using vapes these activities can be taken away from you by damaging your breathing patterns and sickening your immune system.
Most teens will argue with me saying vaping is safer than cigarettes, which yes they are, and there’s millions of facts to prove it, but safer does not mean safe. Cigarettes contain tobacco, and e-cigs or vapes do not, but they still do carry nicotine as I previously stated. E-cigs have been proven to be safer than cigarettes but not completely safe due to the fact of the tobacco and thousands of other chemicals. E-cigarettes can be advertised on both TV and on the radio in the United States in most states, which is encouraging teens. Some E-cig distrubuters can even sell to under age children or they can purchase online. The advertising, and the kid-friendly name juices, are leading teens to be intrigued to have a taste, but e-cigs still have multiple chemicals that are not healthy. These are meant for adults who are trying to quit smoking not for a “safer” alternative for teens who want to smoke.
Many students will disagree with my argument and how it’s preventing them from tobacco use and cigarettes. Although it may be stopping them now in time, as they grow the nicotine will control them and they will no longer get the satisfaction they’re looking for, and later move to cigarettes or tobacco products to find that fulfillment they so much crave.
Ideally, I would like to see stricter laws on e-cigarettes and vaping mods, not allowing underage students to get ahold of these items, in store or online. It could be potentially destroying their future lives, causing a lower immune system, fatal scar build-up in the lungs, and pneumonia, and respiratory issues. The younger generation seems to generate this idea that they are all invincible and nothing will harm them. When will they realize these toxic machines are destroying their minds?


Salvador Cisneros
Dec 20, 2017
Understanding Depression In Teenagers

About 20% of all teenagers have experienced depression before becoming an adult. These 20% have seriously considered killing themselves. The statistics have shown to only increase throughout the years. Have you ever come across a somewhat “off” teenager? There’s a possibility they could be suffering from depression and there are factors on how to identify a teenager with depression. You can also attempt to understand their feelings. We must grasp the fact that depression in teens is out there and after reading this hopefully it will increase the awareness of understanding depression in teenagers.

Adults need to acknowledge that they might come across a depressed teen and with the possibility of that happening, it’s important to recognize signs that identify a depressed teen. The teenager might be acting differently from normal that is noticeable to a familiar person that know them well, behaviors include ,eating disorders, drop in school performances(grades), they are withdrawn from family members and friends, and lastly anger outbursts. There are more symptoms that depressed teens experience but these are the most noticeable and common.

In a scenario where you experience contact with a depressed teen you should always be friendly and make sure you don’t say anything negative to them or about them because you don’t know what they are sensitive to. A way you can help them is to spend as much time with them as you can. They usually like company because they don’t want to be left alone. So by just watching movies together or inviting them to lunch or just a happy conversation is enough.

The depressed teen has emotions built up inside of them that they are unable to release. So when someone that they are close to cares for them enough and the teen notices it, there is a possibility that they open up their feelings to that person. That is the main goal, for the depressed teen to express and share their emotions with another person. This is very important because you get insight on what they they have been going through and whatever has been causing these feelings to occur. The last step is to attempt to understand their feelings and try to put yourself in their shoes so that you can maybe come up with a solution to rid that teenager of their negative feelings.

Would you like to be left with the thought that you probably could have caught onto a teenager going through depression and possibly reached out to them in some sort of way to help them going through rough times. So remember to support them and try to understand their feelings.


Caleb Cottom
9:39 AM
Final Copy Editorial

Political Parties

Caleb Cottom
Journalism Period 2

“However, political parties, may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reigns of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.” – George Washington

Here, Washington is warning the American people against the negative impact that opposing political parties can have on the country. During his presidency he witnesses the rise of the Democratic-Republic party in opposition to the Federalists and worried that future political squabbles would undermine the concept of popular sovereignty in the United States. Even today this still applies.

This isn’t so much about political parties as it is America’s entire government in general. America is notorious for its opinionated and passionate people, which is directly caused by the way our system is forced to take sides. Be it Republicans or Democrats, this opinion or that one, even our own criminal justice system is just about who has the better lawyer. Most of our country’s laws and decisions are decided based on personal interest and majority vote. Compromises are made to keep peace and silly things like who gets the next seat in the supreme court. Our system is nothing but one big game between politics, and I believe this takes away from the power of the people and leads to decisions that are not the best for the country.

One could argue that a change would be in violation of our most basic and innate rights as human beings. However, if such a change cannot be made without personal interest in mind and without leaching from popular sovereignty, then we undoubtedly have the wrong men and women running the country.

You could also argue that it would be impossible to enact change because the bias of the country cannot be taken away, and that such an idea is oppressive. I’m not suggesting we take away the public’s ability to have an original thought, it’s actually the opposite. I’m only suggesting we restore power to the people by taking away the political parties that undermined and stole it in the first place.


Alan Diaz
Dec 19, 2017
Are people complaining too much?
It’s obvious that things aren’t always going to go our way. It’s human instinct to complain, but are we complaining too much? Doctors have proven that complaining is not healthy. It’s unnecessary and really doesn’t help you make friends. You don’t want to die young with zero friends because you can’t help but complain about every little thing that goes on in your life. Really like no one cares you woke up late and it’s a Monday.
Life doesn’t always treat you right there’s always more downs than there are ups. We get it, but there’s many ways of dealing with your problems. Yelling at your class and treating them like third graders isn’t the way. It’s unhealthy and most likely won’t do much because teenagers do not understand “complaining.” Try something new like a new hobby or a nap to take your mind of your problems. Less problems less complaining.
Social media and technology advances has a lot to do with people being more open on their issues. An example is twitter, twitter is where everybody can go login, and just type their problems away. Hashtags such as #mystudentdontshutup #newclass, is a way you can use twitter to complain. Time has evolved, society has made it okay to complain. It’s time to grow up and face life like a champ. Life knocks you down get back up and kick some butt. Don’t go complain to the boss or the closest person next to you, because simply no one cares.
Venting to someone makes you feel good at the moment. Surely enough, we have all done it. Studies have found that complaining have further problems. Complaining leads to helplessness and frustration. What feels right at the moment will turn it’s back on you in the long run. Leading to more complaining, it will further lead you to be mentally unstable. Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S.—43.8 million, or 18.5%—experiences mental illness in a given year from complaining to much.
It’s simple, DON’T DO IT. If you wanna live longer, if wanna have more friends. Have the courage to stand up for yourself. Cry yourself a river and get over yourself.

De Fleming
Dec 20, 2017
Hip-Hop and Rap music Impact on the Youth
The average american listens to music 4 hours of each day. So music is a big part of everyone’s life, some people believe that music has an impact on the communities, more in particular, they believe hip-hop and rap music have a negative impact on the community. But that is not true, and there are reasonings that support Hip-Hop and Rap music as influential. have positive influential containing meanings behind the songs.
There are some positives that rap music has on the youth. Hip-Hop artist and Rap artist give kids in the inner city someone to look up to and try emulate. It gives the kids a role model, and that is a great thing because the majority of the kids do not have father figures or anyone to look up to. The kids realize that these artist are living the life and are not struggling. That makes these kids want to be famous and have money so they start to try and do big things. If that is chasing their dreams of becoming a rapper, ball player or even just having a good paying job, music is what motivates these kids and our youth.
There are some positive meanings in these rap songs that everyone thinks are so bad, but they give good messages. Such as, “And only time we chill is when we kill each other .. It takes skill to be real, time to heal each other … And although it seems heaven sent ” – Tupac, Tupac has said multiple times that killing is not the right thing to do; it’s better to be a person that has a positive impact on society rather than being a gang member. So tupac is saying these things specifically to the youth because they are the future, and if they change the ways of the inner city, we can make America better.. So this shows that not all rap music is about guns and violence. Some rap music will have these things in it, but there are songs that are having a positive influence on our youth and society.
Some people argue “ Rap music has bad lyrics with a lot of cuss words. ” Yes, obviously rap music has cuss words in it, but cuss words aren’t what you should be using to determine the music quality is bad. There are bad words anywhere you go today and at any age. There are cuss words on tv shows and there have been cuss words since anyone can remember. It just so happens that rap uses these cuss words but they are still getting off their messages, some bad but not all. They use cuss words and can still send off a positive messages and give a good message to the youth.
Everybody has their own taste in music to listen to and they each find their own meanings of the songs they listen to in some positive way. People are their own dictators of their own life and are gonna do as they choose. So, is it really just the music they listen to that gives them a negative way to live? The fact is that the music can’t be the dictator of anyone’s life. The music is not the reason for bad influences and so everyone has their own opinion in music and should not be judged as a person they are or the way they live based on the music they prefer.


Courtnie Herman
Dec 19, 2017
Should Birth Control be Available to Teenage Girls without a Prescription?

“Three in ten American girls will get pregnant at least once before the age of twenty. That is nearly 750,000 teen pregnancies every year. Parenthood is the leading reason that teenage girls drop out of school. More than 50% of teenage mothers have never graduated from high school.” What can we do to make this number go down? One may say it’s simple and let birth control pills be available to teenage girls without a prescription for many reasons. If girls 15 and older can get the Plan B pill over the counter, what is so wrong about them getting birth control over the counter?
There are many pros for birth control being sold without one getting a prescription for it. Teen pregnancy rate could go down tremendously. Research says that girls are having sex at younger ages and 44% of them are ending up pregnant. If usage of birth control increases then teen pregnancy decreases. The good thing about the pill is that it is not addictive and nobody would be able to have a deadly overdose on it. The only effect you can get from taking more than you should of it is puking. The pill is as safe as any other over the counter drug, if not, safer! Birth control isn’t only for preventing pregnancy. A lot of girls get put on birth control at a young age to regulate their periods. Birth control can help girls cramps and help them get a lighter period to where there could only be some spotting. Research also states that being on the pill for over a year it could lead to results in long term health benefits. If the pill becomes over the counter it could be way cheaper than what it is as a prescription. Some girls who want to be on the pill but can’t may not be able to afford the pill.
Girls who are having sexual relationships should be mature and responsible enough to take the birth control pill. Research says that they feel girls are fully capable of taking the pill correctly. Some argue that teenagers just shouldn’t be having sex to begin with. Even though that’s not the case wouldn’t society want girls to be protected with birth control other than looking down on them for being a teen mom?
Some people may argue that birth control pills shouldn’t be over the counter for the advantage of teenage girls. One may say that there are negative effects that the pill can have on a girls body. The pill can cause some very dangerous clots, diseases, and cancers. Others may say having the pill over the counter is allowing girls in society to be sexually active. Whether society can accept it or not girls are becoming more and more sexually active, even at young ages.
The birth control pill should be able to be over the counter and available for teenage girls. The rate of pregnancy could go down tremendously. Why is it that people argue over the subject that has a very few downsides?


Isaiah Jones
Dec 20, 2017

A local man was shock when he woke up this morning after consuming food that contain GMOs the night before. Why does everything in the world have to be an argument? Why can’t everyone just agree that GMOs are a good thing? With the growing population GMOs are the only way possible to feed everyone.

With the growing population we need to start producing more grains more efficiently, the only way to do that is through GMOs. With the modified plant we are getting the “perfect” plant every time. The perfect plant is able yield 37% higher than normal and still reducing the price for the farmer. The farmer is able to produce 37% higher with an overall yield of his farm while still putting in about the same amount to his crop. Using a modified seed the price should be reduced for both the farmer and the consumer, but that still isn’t the case. The farmer is producing more grain at less of a cost on the same amount of ground. So in theory the farmer should be making more money and the consumer should be able to buy the food at a low cost.

GM products are more hardy in every way, they are able to stand up better against drought, pests, and other chemicals. GMOs are bred to produce well in any conditions. When we are in a drier year with GM products we are still able to harvest a decent crop given the conditions. For example, we have corn varieties that are roundup ready, meaning during that plants growing season we are able to apply different rounds of chemicals keeping the weeds from taking moisture from the corn, without harming the plant. During extremely wet years our wheat will get a fungus called rust, which breaks the stalk down and doesn’t allow the seed to mature correctly. The plant isn’t bred to fight against the rust yet but we are able to apply another chemical to the plant, killing the rust and not harming the plant.

Everyone thinks that the farmer is out to kill them or give them some disease but that isn’t the case. The agriculture business isn’t trying to put anyone in danger and if there was any chance that a product was going to hurt anyone then the farmer wouldn’t grow it and the government wouldn’t allow it to be grown. There has been tons of hours put into testing and designing these products so they were.

In conclusion GM products are the only way that we are going population especially when more ground is going to be taken to build houses on. GMOs have no harm on anyone or anything and are extremely beneficial for everyone. If you like to eat then in the future it’s going to be impossible to feed everyone with organic non gmos. Using GMOs it will make food cheaper for everyone and also make it so everyone is able to eat.


Joanna Leal
Dec 19, 2017
Is euthanasia immoral?

Imagine this: your beloved parental guardian is in the hospital in critical condition going through immense and severe pain. The doctors tending to your hospitalized beloved family member have asked for your permission to use the painless euthanasia injection. So you are faced with two options, you either sit back and watch and only begin to imagine the pain your family member is going through or you take initiative and let your family member go easily. What do you do?
For patients and people working in the medical field nationwide many opinionate that euthanasia is reassuring or a nice choice to have when they may be potentially in large amounts of pain. For example a medical student from the university from Queensland states, “In my opinion the patient should be given full freedom to choose it [euthanasia] after a careful observation from the physician(s) about the case”, The student’s claim furthermore explains the importance or the demand for euthanasia.
Not only do people want euthanasia, they need it. If a patient is no longer able to eat or drink normally, are unable to breathe properly because their lungs are diseased or if they just aren’t the way they used to be they should be given the opportunity to end their suffering. Of course euthanasia is only necessary in certain situations like insufferable pain, no longer being able to eat, breath, or drink, which makes it reasonable for people wanting to end their own suffering.
Last but not least, the goal of medicine is not to prolong life but to improve the quality of life. If there is absolutely no other option then the most humane option is to use euthanasia. If the entire goal of medicine is not to prolong life but to reduce pain then shouldn’t that make using euthanasia relevant and useful in situations like these?
People all around the world are suffering. Maybe a close or distant relative of yours is also suffering. So take initiative and take a stand in having the choice in being able to end people’s pain with euthanasia.


Andrea Martinez
Dec 20, 2017
Sports Fights having an impact on youth
After gathering around family on Sunday’s and enjoying a nice football game that could suddenly spiral out of control. Once a bad call is made by officials or players being too aggressive during a play a full out brawl could rise. The athletes that kids are looking up to be the ones that are effecting kids to act in such bad behavior. Is it the fighting we are seeing or the nasty remarks that are being heard by players that’s leaving us with atittudes to reflect on. Athletes should be more disciplined, and act in a better manner for their fans watching.
As people start to grow up they become more attatched to watching sports and remember to not make plans to be able to catch the 11:15am football game or the 6:00pm basketball game. Some parents are starting to realize how mcuh more athletes are getting into brawls and trying to prevent their children from seeing the bad behavior.
Athletes are paid to use their athletic abilities and entertain an audience with any sport in which their is no limit of what allowed to be seen.. Whether it’s players at a golf tournament or men being tackeled during basketball games, their games are all broadcasted on live television. It is understood that whatever happens on live television can later be edited out, but what about the children tuning in to watch their favorite player end up causing a brawl across a stadium? In latest news on December 10th during Sunday night football the Seattle Seahawks and the Jacksonville Jaguar, had started a brawl towards the end of the game when Seattle was losing. Sheldon RIchardson and Michael Bennett had started a fight that soon ended with ejections and attempting to climb into the stands to fight fans of opposing teams that decided throwing beer would make for a better situation. Later on, during an interview Bennett had stated “I don’t need to explain myself.” Should that behavior be seen by their fans watching, not only are athletes good at what they do but they should also be good examples. They are inspiring kids and teens to follow in their footsteps in the future and they should do it with good manners. For people who do not tune in to games can always catch the highlights on the internet because it’s something that can never be erased.
Parental control is used to prevent kids from watching inappropriate actions. It is not easy to enforce with sports when young athletes watch professionals to get better. How else are parents supposed to prevent their kids from seeing inappropriate behaviors. Could recording before actually airing any sporting event be the best way to prevent from kids seeing bad behavior? If professional athletes would act in a better manner would kids be growing up to be less, violence and have better manners.

Kelly Miller
Dec 19, 2017
Kelly Miller
Period 2
Rough Draft

Is single parenting as bad as people think it is?

Single-parenting households have increased within the last decade. It is becoming more normal to see single parents raising the family by themselves than with a significant other. There is a small percentage of people who believe that the child or children will grow up to be depressed, turn to drugs, and will be a failure in life due to the absence of one of their parents. For children with only one parent in the household, the situation is more beneficial to the child to understanding responsibilities and how the “real world” works, than two parent households.
Over the last twenty years, the normal, “nuclear family”, that consists of both parents and children has decreased. United States has the highest percentage of single-parent households to be recorded of 66 percent. Canada comes in second at 22 percent, Australia at 20 percent, and Denmark at 19 percent. Universal class has stated that there is a higher percentage of single-parent households that has the father to be absent and the mother to be the one to raise the kid(s) alone.
Being a kid with a single parent has benefits to it. There is a lack of parental arguments which can relieve stress for the child and parent. Parental modeling is substantial to the child for them to learn that life can be learned by one’s self without the need of being with another person. Good role modeling allows the children to feel safe to negotiate the strong difficulties in life.
Children of single-parent families also have shared responsibility. In order to make the one parent household to run smoothly, the child has to put in more effort around the house to keep up on chores even more. This allows the child to have a sense of pride in accomplishments, consideration for others, and a sturdy work ethic. In a “nuclear family”, parents usually give allowance to their kids for doing chores for a week, however with one single parent, an allowance isn’t expected to be given. The child will often feel more important in this family unit for contributing more of their time and effort into making sure the household is kept up to date. This also helps with their self esteem and self worth in the family unit.
With multiple responsibilities that the kid has to take on, they learn more about responsibility. The fact that a single parent has to take on both parts as the mother and the father, it causes them to have double the time to work in order to make ends meet. The child develops responsibility of taking care of themselves and possibly of their younger siblings. Additionally, teens in single-parent households have a better sense of knowing how to deal with the “real world” when they reach adulthood. Teens with single parents learn more about how to pay bills, knowing how to balance a checkbook, and knowing how to plan out meals faster than a typical child with both parents. It’s easier for a kid with one single parent to know how real life works and to have a better sense of knowing what to do and what priorities to make while living on their own. As a result, people with a single parent, they intertwine with family friends, and extended family members.
According to Center for Recovery, children with single parenting households will turn to drugs and alcohol, will perform poorly, will have a bad behavior of going to school or attitudes towards other people, and will have a higher chance of going to poverty. Due to the absence of one of the parents, the other parent has to be at work more and will hardly see their children, so the child can grow up depressed not knowing why they are always left alone and could grow depressed because their family isn’t like the “normal” families. They also state, children could always question themselves saying, “Was I ever good enough?”, “Was I the reason for my Dad/Mom to leave?”, and will turn to drug abuse.
As a student in high school that has a single mother and has the absence of her father for 17 years- this is false. I have never turned to alcohol or drugs because my father decided he didn’t want to be in his daughter’s life anymore. I have performed exceptionally well in my academics by having straight A’s for my whole educational career. I am in track and from the last four years I have been on Varsity. Responsibilities at the house are even more important to get accomplished to make sure that the house stays kept up. As a child with one parent, it’s essential to know how to plan out dinners, know how to do laundry, and how to keep up with bills and bank accounts. There have been times where my Mom had to make sure we had enough money for priorities, but she always came up with enough money to get by and to get my siblings and me everything we needed or wanted.
Having a single parent isn’t as bad as everyone wants us to believe. Having one parent to raise one or multiple kids has benefits for parents and for the kids. The kids will be able to learn more about how the real world works and learn how to put priorities first and not spend their money on things that aren’t important.


Mackenzie Ortiz
9:33 AM
Mackenzie Ortiz
Period 02
December 4th 2017
How necessary is college education?
A college education may be one of the best investments of time and money. With a bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree you have a better chance of getting a better paying job. On average people who hold a bachelor’s degree for a 40-year lifetime, get paid about 2.4 million dollars each year. On average people who hold a master’s degree gets paid about 2.8 million dollars each year. In my opinion, pressuring from parents shouldn’t happen, scholarships are available, and if you have a college education it would give you a better job.

Most parents pressure their children to go to college because they want their children to continue on with their education. Most of the time parents only pressure their children to go to college because they don’t want to see their children fail later on in life. Every parent wants to be able to see their children succeed throughout their college education. But, there are also parents that are making their children go to college even though they may not want to go. Parents make their children go to college because they want them to continue onto a higher education for their specific field they are going into. As soon as your parents see you succeed throughout college, they are going to be proud of you. On the other hand there can be a lot of parents out in this world that really doesn’t care if their children succeed in college. Which could mean that those parents don’t believe that their children would pass college.

While you’re in highschool, you have the chance to apply for scholarships. You should take the advantage and apply for as many scholarships as you can because they can pay for most of your college expenses. If you don’t have enough money with the scholarships that you have applied for, you can get a loan through any bank. On the other hand, if you chose not to apply for any scholarships or any grants then you’re going to have a rough time paying for your college education. Unless you start applying for scholarships while you’re in college, then you will have a better chance of getting some of the college expenses paid off.

If you have a college degree it is a proven fact that you have a better chance of getting a better paying job. During college, you have the chance to work in the field that you’re studying in. While you’re working in that field, you get the chance to do hands-on things. After you have graduated from college and you have proof of your college degree, you will get into a job faster than someone with a highschool diploma. While you get into the job you wanted, you will be getting paid more with a college degree than someone with a highschool diploma. The reason you will be getting paid a lot more than someone with a highschool diploma, is because you took your time to go and study the field you wanted to be in.

Some people may use the excuse of not wanting to continue their education out, only because they want to continue with life and see where it takes them. They may be worrying about the debt that their college education may put them through, or they just don’t want to go to college because they don’t think it’s important. People may argue that a college education is not important because either they failed high school, or they don’t think they are smart enough to get accepted. Why would you want to risk your future without even trying first? If you try to continue on, and think you will succeed in college then why don’t you take the chance to go and get a diploma or degree in a field that you want to be in? If you think college isn’t for you, then why try it and waste the money on something that won’t be worth it in the end.

People may say a college degree won’t get you any higher than what a highschool diploma would. Nowadays people just want to go straight into the work field and not have to worry about college. People want to work right away because they want to be able to have money saved up so they can move out. The loans may also be overwhelming. Loans get overwhelming because you have to worry about paying off the loan you have borrowed. There may also be a lot of students who don’t know what they want to pursue in after highschool. A college education may be one of the best investments in time and money. Therefore in my opinion I believe you should go to college to continue with your education because you get better opportunities in the future.


Andrea Paulin
Dec 20, 2017
Final Copy Editorial

Do photoshopped pictures make people feel bad about their own body?

There are so many things that make people feel uncomfortable with their bodies. As you are scrolling down through Instagram or reading the latest magazine, you see all these models with the “perfect” body. Mostly everything that is on the internet is photoshopped. Issues like this are unfavorable for us- the audience. It can lead to us to fall into buying things companies sell. In addition it will convince us to buy things, and it gives us lack of self esteem. Sometimes self esteem issues lead to eating disorders. Not only has this been a problem for adults but also in children. Many people think that photoshop is a problem.

Advertising for a company is a big deal. The one thing important more than that is the consumers. This is a big deal because we as consumers will buy anything that will look good on us. What we really don’t pay attention to is that most of the time people will photoshop their models to make them look “great” for an advertisement.  This creates a false image because the models don’t look like that and lie affecting the consumer. When we buy the product, we want to look like the model, but as these advertisements go and create “fake bodies” more and more companies are taking action and are starting to turn away  photoshopping for their advertisements. This shift is a great change because no one should be embarrassed about their skin.

The lack of self esteem for women are at a high rate. There are many factors the contribute for the loss of self esteem but it’s mostly because of photoshop. As research shows, the more people use photoshop, people are fooled to believe in a non real image of body. Almost 100% of the pictures online of famous people are photoshopped in some way, including photo filters. If you really think that most of those pictures from Victoria Secret are not at least photoshopped a little bit, then we really need to start to think more clearly. This alteration of bodies of other people because it makes you think that you should have a perfect. As time goes by the beauty standards for women increase. When it increases we clearly wont get to the top of the standard. The fact is that we all have different bodies. We will never meet those beauty standards, so we have to learn to be comfortable with our bodies.

Eating disorders are a huge problem. As photoshopping percentages rise, so does the amount of people with eating disorders. This is a large problem because each day more and more people are getting themselves into this poor habit. Like every other type of disorder, it comes with its side effects. Some of these side effects include fatigue, dizziness, extreme weight loss, and it can also lead to seizures. If companies keep photoshopping their own pictures and don’t leave them the way they are, this is going to have a horrible impact in future generations to come.

The thing we as people need to take into consideration is to end the way we use Photoshop. All these problems that are caused by photoshop are a awful influence for everyone, not just adults. It can cause more than just these problems.Sometimes it can even lead to suicide. People should really apply self love their own bodies. No bodies are perfect.Desiring to have someone else’s body is not healthy. Just make sure to stay away from photoshop and love your own body.


Patrick Pulido
Dec 20, 2017
Why high schools shouldn’t give to much homework
Most students have sports or work after school and have a hard time making time for homework and they run out of time to get it done. Schools don’t realize how much things that are happening in kids lives out of school. Some kids families unfortunately have financial problems and the kids have to work after school.
We are already in school 8 hours a day and we still have to do homework after these hours. We spend more time working on school work than we do enjoying life as a teenager. I believe that students are more worried about school and forget to have fun everyone is so worried about grades which is not a bad thing but they’re wasting moments and memories with friends and family because they are studying or doing homework.High school kids have a lot on their plates not only their grades but they’re scores on state tests and apply for colleges they want to get into it’s exhausting and stressful. They don’t have time to enjoy high school with their friends or put more time into sports and become more athletic and make them healthier.
They’re spending so much time working on school they’re forgetting to live life as a teenager and something they’ll regret when the time’s gone to be a kids. Homework also effects after school activities like sports and that helps them keep out of trouble and off the streets and keeping them from doing bad things that they shouldn’t be doing. Some kids don’t play sports because they’re so worried about their grades and don’t want to get behind in classes because of homework.
Some people argue in favor of homework they say homework helps kids learn the material outside of the classroom. What they don’t understand is they don’t need to be working on school 24/7 there already in school 8 hours a day 5 days a week.
Teens only have 2 days out of a 7 day week to get a break from school since they always have homework so they never get a break all week. Kids get so exhausted from doing so much homework they actually stop doing it and their grades start do drop. With the homework kids get from other classes there’s gonna be some that doesn’t get done it’s time consuming. High school kids spend all their time doing homework they forget to have fun and start stressing out so much about school.

Dallas Quesnell
9:36 AM
Minnesota Vikings VS. Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Quesnell

The Vikings and the Eagles faced off Sunday afternoon to see who will play in the Super Bowl. Both teams came into the game 11-3, but only one team can win.
After the Vikings and Eagles game, the Eagles are the one to compete at the Super Bowl who will go against the Patriots. The Vikings didn’t put up a fight like most people thought they would. The Eagles were up 31 points by the fourth quarter. The Vikings weren’t on their A game in the beginning with the results of only scoring one touchdown in the first quarter.
Neither the Vikings nor the Eagles have won a Super Bowl before. The Vikings last Super Bowl appearance was in 1968. The Eagles have been to the Super Bowl four times, but have never won. The last time the Eagles went to the Super Bowl was in 2005 against the Patriots and they had lost. Who knows, maybe history will repeat itself, again.
The travel agent for the Vikings compared the Eagles fans as gang members before the game saying, “If the Vikings win, yes, I would take off any sort of, like, colors. I know it sounds ridiculous like we’re almost talking about gangs here, but it’s no joke down in Philly. It really isn’t.” said Drew Baydala. Drew wasn’t confident in his team winning- it seemed as if he was scared of the Eagles because they were more determined and wanted to compare them to being a “gang”.


Elijah Reback
9:34 AM
Final Copy Editorial

Elijah Reback
Nba editorial paper
The NBA 2016-2017 season was a great season for basketball and many nba records were broken. What is your favorite sport? Why isn’t it basketball? Basketball is by far the most exhilarating and most fun sport to watch;, it is the second most popular sport worldwide though, right after soccer.
The NBA is always breaking records which makes for a lot of fun, especially when you see the best performances ever being broken and improved upon. Multiple records were broken in the 2016-2017 season. Russell Westbrook broke the record for most triple doubles in a game with 42
Most Consecutive Games With at Least One Three-Pointer: Stephen Curry, 157
Most Three-Pointers in a Game: Stephen Curry, 13
Most Points Scored in 30 Minutes or Less: Klay Thompson, 60
Youngest Player to Score 60+ Points: Devin Booker, 70 at 20 years and 145 days
Youngest Player With 2,000 Points and 1,000 Rebounds: Karl-Anthony Towns
Most Points Scored in the First Quarter: Kevin Love, 34
Highest Usage Rate: Russell Westbrook, 41.8%
Most Turnovers in a Season: Harden, 460, and Westbrook, 434
Most Points in the All-Star Game: Anthony Davis, 52
Most Wins Through 300 Starts: Kawhi Leonard, 235
Most Consecutive Seasons Averaging at Least 25 Points: LeBron James, 13
Most Points Scored in a Triple-Double: Russell Westbrook, 57 points
And, James Harden achieved the Most Combined Rebounds and Assists in a Triple-Double with 33.
Basketball is energetic,and fast paced with lots of heart racing games that come right down to the wire. Most teams have over 100 possessions per game which is a lot and even the slowest team avgs 95.7 possessions per game. Basketball fans love it, and it is easy to watch and become a fan. “Competitive basketball can be exciting game. As the game clock ticks down in a close game, it often comes down to the last shot. This is a frequent occurrence in basketball played at the high school, college and professional levels. Since there are so many dramatic finishes, it is easy for newcomers to become hardcore fans of the game.”
The argument of sports is that football is more fun to watch and is more entertaining but as of lately the NBA is at a rise of 30% in ratings while the NFL’s views plummet and consistently drop. Famous all star and legend basketball player “Kareem Abdul-Jabbar says: “All signs point to the NBA replacing the NFL’ as America’s league”.
Of these five, which one can generate the sustained level of excitement that the NBA can provide for its fans? In soccer, the team kick the ball around and fans only celebrate special moments such as goals while In the NFL, the game stops every few seconds, NBA teams can play up to 110 competitive games a year. Each game has a high tempo due to the nature of basketball. Every possession has a high probability of leading to something to cheer about. You have the thrill of a powerful dunk, the awesomeness of an acrobatic layup, shooting a 3 pointer. The game goes back and forth, back and forth. You can do this from your courtside seat.
Basketball is the most exhilarating sport by far. Basketball is the most thrilling sport, in my opinion. There’s a rush you get in the moment because of all the events going on. Anyone on the court could cause this exhilarating rush, you don’t have to only watch the best player. Legendary records are broken ; every year something gets broken. Basketball is the fastest and most fun game to watch due to close games and fast finishes.


Carmelo Rivera
Dec 20, 2017
Carmelo rivera

How fast foods are making us a fatter country

Obesity is one of the most growing and common problems in America. Why is America becoming an obese country? Is it the number of fast food restaurants the level of stress that people have, or is it just people making bad food choices? It is the number of fast food places and the amount of fast food that people consume daily that why america is FAT.
The rate of overweight people in America is increasing and keeps climbing. 74.1% of the people living in the United States are overweight – there are close to 50,000 fast food restaurants in America and most of them are open 24 hours, How many “healthy” restaurants are open 24 hours that also have cheap prices? The answer is very few. Where do you think people are most likely to go? Very few thats how many.If you combine that with their cheap prices, what do you think people will choose to eat?
There are many fast food restaurants that has been a forced culture type situation it’s become more of a normal or imprinted thing on families when the Mother of the family decides that she doesn’t want to cook. When you have a single mom that works all the time and leaves money for dinner what is your go to fast food is,when you ask your husband or wife what they want to eat and they say i don’t know call a pizza or chinese or some wings these are are go to things to eat. This is becoming a normal thing for people to do and it causes the calories to physical activity ratio to tilt more towards the the calories side of it this is one of the causing factors of why america is becoming such a overweight country.
People say that no one is forcing that cheeseburger down your throat no one is making you pull over and order something, you can always eat healthier food and consume something better for yourself. But if we take a step back and look at the facts there is 50,000 fast food restaurants in america and 25% of americans consume the fast food choices,and some might not have the high class or middle class choices that we have and can only afford fast food and other people have it in their everyday life and there isn’t a variety of choices in there surrounding area.


Johnatan Rodriguez
Dec 20, 2017
Johnatan Rodriguez Mrs. Russo
Rough Draft
Decebmer 14th

Is drinking alcohol detrimental to the health of teenagers?

Drinking alcohol is detrimental to the health of teenagers. Studies show the average age kids try alcohol is at 13 years old , Alcohol can have serious effects on developing brains and bodies as well as leaving them in unsafe situations. Drinking alcohol is seen as something teenagers are expected to do as a part of growing up but starting to drink while young is only damaging than many teenagers realize.
Drinking alcohol at a young age can lead to violent behavior. Some problems that could happen are fighting,stealing,driving under the influence some teenagers even start drinking to relieve depression. Another big problem is Alcohol is a major factor in fatal automobile crashes. In the article Teen Drinking and Driving it shows the percentage of teens who drink and drive has decreased since 1991. Young drivers ages 16-20 are 17 times more likely to die in a car crash even when they have an alcohol blood level of 0.08% versus when they have not been drinking.
It may not seem like a problem now but later on in life it really will. People who have their first drink at age 14 or younger are six times more likely to develop alcohol problems than those who dont try alcohol until the legal drinking age. One effect is Personality trait – teenagers who believe alcohol makes it easier to socialize tend to drink more than those who don’t believe that alcohol loosens their social inhibitions. Another effect is mental health disorder – mental health problems such as depression , bipolar disorder and anxiety.
Binge drinking, a type of drinking that happens to most teenagers , is when they are consuming five or more drinks at a sitting for males, It can cause teens to pass out.Binge drinking can cause them to behave in ways that would otherwise be uncharacteristic of them.
“Light drinking may even be good for your health” says an expert in an article i read Alcohol can be good for you . it’s a saying most people say they say drinking is not a big deal. They say this because teenagers are not able to drink as much as those who are at the right age to drink. Teenagers aren’t old enough to buy it for a reason, and yet they still manage to get ahold of it.
Drinking alcohol is detrimental to the health of teenagers! Being a parent , guardian , or a friend you should be the bigger person and not allow a teenager drink.

Works cited


Jared Stapleton
9:36 AM
What’s worse smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco? Smoking has thousands of chemicals in it, while chewing only has a hand full. Here are the differences between chewing and smoking.

If you look around outside you see that a lot of people smoke. About 15 out of every 100 people in the united states smoke. When you add up how many people that is it comes out to be about to be around 36 million people. While smoking, you are dumping over 4 thousand chemicals into your body. This damages your lungs. If you smoke menthols, it is even worse than just normal smokes. Menthols dump more tar into your lungs, and it coats your lungs faster. Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds and 400 other toxins. When you smoke a stogie, you are putting carbon monoxide into your bloodstream, and it messes up your oxygen levels.

You don’t see many people with a good ol’ can of Copenhagen like you do Marlboros. People can hide chew a lot easier than smoking. When you put a nice chew in, you can determine how much you want. You can tuck it away so that no ones sees that you have one in. This can come in handy. If you are at work an you are inside all day you don’t want to have to run outside all the time to light up a smoke. No, cause then you come back inside an smelling like a homeless man. So what would be a better option if you need some tobacco? You just pull out your ‘’lil’ can of happiness’’ out and put a good pinch of Copenhagen in. The good part about that is up can still have a conversation without having that nasty stick in your hand and you have nothing to worry about. (that is if you can gut chew) unlike smoking, chew doesn’t have as many chemicals in it. A can of tobacco has Water , Tobacco, Sodium Chloride, Binders, Natural, and Artificial Flavors, Ammonium Chloride, Ethyl Alcohol, Ammonium Carbonate, and Sodium Carbonate Preservatives.

All in all chewing is better for you than smoking. Smoking dumps thousands of chemicals into your body while chew only has a few. Smoking has dangerous chemicals. Chew is like eating a lot of sugars.


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