Special Edition: Editorials by Journalists in Period 4 (Semester 1)

Jasmin Balderas
Dec 19, 2017
should beauty pageants be banned?
Imagine you are at home, watching tv, flipping through the channels, you see a preview of next week’s episode of Toddlers & Tiaras. They show little girls all dressed in sparkly attire, fake teeth, fake hair, fake tans, and makeup that could transform their faces into someone in their 20’s. Did you like what you saw? After seeing the preview do you believe beauty pageants should be banned in the United States?

Child beauty pageants have become more popular, especially since the beginning of the TV show Toddlers and Tiaras. Over the years pageants have changed. An average beauty pageant is a loud event which involves stress to children, behavioral problems, and health issues for children who are involved in pageants.

Stress, we all get it, but it’s not good for a little girl to have so much stress at such a young age. Beauty pageant can very stressful, especially to a young child. Having your child perform in front of a big audience can affect their nerves and wellbeing.

Pageants can also lead to behavioral problems. There are examples of young girls screaming in terror as their moms approach them with spray cans. These young girls think its okay to act in that kind of way because their parents let them. On the show “Toddlers and Tiaras” you see many of the little girls screaming at their parents because they want one thing their way or they don’t want to do it. Parents are the ones to blame. Often, kids in pageants don’t even want to be in pageants, but their parents will enter them in any way. Entering them in is one thing, but some of the things parents force their children to do are far from acceptable. These young girls are too young to say no! Overall parents just want to win the big money.

Finally, pageants can lead to eating disorders. All these girls care about is the way they look rather than how they feel. They can look like a total barbie but yet feel like a zombie. Any parent placing their child in these types of pageants, based on looks, is giving their child the attitude that appearance can get you anywhere in life. It is wrong to teach children that looks are the most important. Due to this, when a girl takes part in the competition of this kind, she believes that her appearance is more important than her character, mind, and feelings.

I am not stating that children shouldn’t be encouraged to develop a talent or skill and compete with that talent or skill. I am stating that competing over looks is sending the wrong message to children. Let’s just put away the self-tanner and bring out the volleyball.


Allison Daniel
Dec 19, 2017
It’s obvious that mass shootings and attacks are a problem in America today. Something needs to change, but what? With gun-related violence on the rise, many Americans ask if gun control is the answer. But will it really change anything? As with any problem, there is a lot of debate and discussion on this topic. People are very opinionated but this discussion needs to happen. Gun control will not solve the problem. It will only cause more problems.
Gun control might sound good in theory, but if it does happen, things would go south quickly. People claim guns are killing people. But people with guns kill people. Guns are inanimate objects. They are only dangerous when used incorrectly.
“In 1939, Germany established gun control. From 1939 to 1945, six million Jews and seven million others unable to defend themselves were exterminated,” Joe Wurzelbacher, an American conservative activist, said. By taking guns away, innocent people will be defenseless. The way people stop shooters is by using a gun. Shooters will have no hope of being stopped if gun control is enforced. Gun control does nothing but causes more problems. It will make guns harder to access and leave people defenseless.
Even if gun control laws are passed, criminals will not turn into law-abiding citizens overnight. Just because there is a law passed doesn’t mean they will follow it. Laws have been passed to make drugs illegal, but they are still being used and sold on the streets today. Gun control laws would only affect people who follow the laws. Criminals will not follow these rules.
Some people argue that gun control will limit the number of guns being sold and make requirements to buy guns stricter. While this could be true, criminals will still find a way around these restrictions. Criminals have no regard for laws. They will find a way to get firearms. There are countless unregistered guns being exchanged all across America. We are unsure how many are illegal, but according to gun.laws.com, there are an estimated 250-280 million firearms. With all these weapons, there’s bound to be a countless number of illegal ones.
Gun control will do nothing but cause more problems. If gun control laws are passed, the good guys will have their guns taken away and the bad guys will have them. We need to open our eyes and see what the real problem is. It’s a people problem, not a gun problem.

James LaConte
Dec 21, 2017
Jimmy LaConte
Final Copy Editorial

There is no reason why Christianity classes shouldn’t be offered in public schools for students. There have been a lot of discussion about this debate. Many students want to learn about Christ but they aren’t sure where to start. Christianity classes should be offered in public schools considering 75% of Americans define themselves as Christian. It is a great thing for schools and society.
The United States’ population is mostly Christian and a part of the 15 percent of that 75% that aren’t Christian are either unaffiliated or they want to become affiliated Christians, but they aren’t sure where to begin their journey. Christian classes are a perfect option for kids who want to possibly become a follower of Christ. It is the most popular form of religion in the U.S. There are different branches and types but they are all generalized towards the Christian faith.


Many young adults and teens that are still in high school want to be able to go to a private Christian school, but their families can’t afford it. The average private school tuition is close to ten thousand dollars a year. If these classes were offered in a public school, the kids wouldn’t have to worry about paying for it. These classes would not be a mandatory class to take for graduation; it would be 100% up to the students’ choice to take the course. It would be counted as an elective class for the student. It is a great way to spread the word of the Lord and the Gospel.
Many kids who haven’t been raised with Christ in their lives because of their parents, hear about Him all of the time, and they aren’t sure what to do. These classes will put kids in a great environment and it will be a safe place for students to be open to great discussions. The option to take the course will give the kids a decision they can make on their own. It would be a great program they were to be allowed.
It is an amazing thing to offer these classes in a public school. It will give students a new meaning to school, and it will give them something to look forward to. It is something that needs to happen, and it is something that can change the world. Many other families and kids are hopeful that this will happen in the future.


Donovan Lo
Dec 20, 2017
Donovan Lo
Period. 4
Are aliens real?

Aliens are real because let’s be honest, we are not the only living things that are smart and have technology that makes us superior around the universe.

Around the universe, there are many gases that surround us and fundamental ingredients that could create life. Fundamental ingredients such as atomic carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen build the basis of the atmosphere. With these ingredients, gases continue to condense and form with each other creating new gases, making new stars, and new planets. Without gases, there are no planets and stars. Without planets and stars, there’s no life, and when there’s no life anywhere, you have nothing. With this being said, there is always a way for things to come together piece by piece forming new things because that’s just how the world works.

At different times there have been different life forms. For example, the earth has changed a lot since way-way way-way-way back. Back then, about 230 million years ago, dinosaurs used to rule the earth but soon went extinct because of a meteor hitting the earthś surface, killing everything in its path & changing the environment. Sooner or later, living creatures that had survived the meteor crash had to adapt to this new environment to survive. Now, look at earth. The world has changed in a very big way that we now walk on until this day. There could be life anywhere in any environment and that’s something we don’t really think about on the daily.

Similar changes have occurred on Mars. There has been a study that about 4.5 million years ago, about ⅕ of mars was covered in an ocean and was as deep as 450 feet deep. This means that any living things that were alive at that time, swam in that water and are now covered underneath Mars’ soil buried deep within the surface. So, there could have been many different life forms on Mars that we still don’t know about. A lot of people don’t believe in aliens but only because of lack of facts and evidence. Most people would say that aliens aren’t real but have not done their studies on why they think that and come up with a lame excuse denying facts about aliens.

Well, overall, aliens are real, and there are many facts that prove they are real.

Gustavo Mandl
Dec 21, 2017
Should the drinking age be lowered: yes or no? I think yes because you are considered an adult when you are 18, you also have better memories when you are younger vs being older, and lastly, you can buy tobacco when you are 18, however not alcohol. So, in this case, the drinking age should be lowered to 18.

If you are considered an adult at the age 18, then why can’t you buy alcohol at that age? On April 23, 2013 Jennifer Lai, an associate editor at Slate, came up with this idea because that’s when people are able to vote. Lai also stated that “the age at which a person has the legal rights and responsibilities of an adult is 18.”

Facts say that you are in your prime when your turn 18. Your body is grown to its fullest and you are fresh outta high school going into the workforce. So, in this case, you have the best memories, building friendships with others, and have full responsibility for yourself. After a long week of hard work, there would be nothing better than to be able to go crack a cold one with the boys or have a Saturday fish and a beer night with the boys.

My final reason that I have is when you are 18 you can buy tobacco but 18-year-olds can’t buy alcohol, and you can sign up for the military but not go buy a beer. Why not make it all at the same age? It would make life be better and an easier problem to control. There would be less MIP’s (Minor In Possession) handed out. In conclusion, these are my reasonings why the drinking age should be lowered to 18.

Cassandra Mota
Dec 19, 2017
Cassandra Mota
Final Copy Editorial
Is there life after death?
Have you ever thought what happens to you after death? Do you settle down and think about if your life just ends once you die or is there some type of life after? I myself believe that there is some type of life after death. I also believe God wouldn’t make people go through so much suffrage if at some point you’ll be gone. Wouldn’t know how to explain or know what the afterlife looks like. Something I do know is some people don’t believe because there is no proof or can’t see heaven or hell, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It’s like oxygen you can’t see oxygen, can you? And without seeing it, it does a lot for you. There’s a moment in where you start living in some other world may be different or same as the one you live right now.Some might say why go through a burial or cremated if you going to be living in some other life after, so those people disagree in life after death.
From what the bible says there is not only life after death but eternal life. Depending on people’s beliefs and culture it’s where they believe what type of afterlife there is. In you, there has to be some type of feeling in where you do or don’t believe in life after death. There are so many references to how people think life is after death; in other words, many other people say your life ends when it ends there’s no other life. Roman 4:25 says “ He was delivered over to death for our sin and was raised to life for our justification.” There are cultures where right away go and say yes there’s life after death. “ God has placed eternity inside our hearts so nothing fully in this life will ever answer that big question that says. You’ve arrived.” Us Catholics or even different people know about the resurrection of Christ, that’s why there some verses from the Bible trying to backup or life after death. There is a glorious life ahead of you, glorious describing it like there’s a really worthy life coming to you. Also, Catholics and maybe even other religions say “your soul is released from your body when you pass away.” Across the Catholic religion, they do believe in life after death, they look at many perspectives about life after death. Along the way, it’s just their religion and various philosophers offer beliefs and opinions. But there are more religions where they either don’t read the Bible or don’t even bother to think about what happens to them after death.
Death is a depressing consequence of life, but believe it or not people find a light at the end of the tunnel. For example haven’t you seen in nature where it ends but later in another reason, it grows back? The leaves are back in the trees and you clearly see how happy those trees look after having to rebuild their life after all the leaves had fallen off. Many of us could see that bright light at the end of the tunnel when they pass away.
Have you ever seen the movie “Heaven is for Real?” That’s a story based on a little kid that goes through a serious surgery and gets to the point of going up and meeting heaven, but she comes back and tries to make people believe him about his miracles. Every season leaves a story on how there is life after death and life after death experiences.
Annabel Beam was diagnosed at age 4 with a chronic digestive disorder. At age 8 Annabel Beam experienced intense pain and frequent hospital visits. “She was always so sweet and gracious.”Her father, Kevin told, “She wasn’t making a big deal out of it, and she was suffering in silence.” Days later, Annabel said she fell 30 feet from a tree branch that cracked while she was sitting on it with her sister Abbie. She claims that after bumping her head three times on the way down and falling into the hollows-out base of the tree, she died and went to heaven. “ It was really bright, and I set Jesus’ lap and he told me, When the firefighters get you out, there will be nothing wrong with you” Annabel recalled “And I asked him if I could stay” and Jesus said “No, I have plans you need to fulfill on Earth that you cannot fulfill in heaven.”
Now can you get a recent idea how life is after death? After death life is a common thing to believe in. There are even stories out where people actually have seen and gone through it. I mean, if people talk about it, they don’t talk about it just to try to get attention. Not saying you have to stress out about it and overthink. Just pay attention to the stories and see what they go through so you could get an idea. So where do you think you would be going? Would you be going to hell or heaven? Might think of it before your day comes….
 Jennifer Pantoja
Dec 21, 2017
Jennifer Pantoja
Period 4
12/14/2017How serious is Global Warming?

Are we aware of how dangerous this situation is? Global warming is a global increase of temperature in the Earth’s atmosphere. Many of us are not aware of it at all. You don’t hear much of it in the news, no reporters alarming us of this situation. In my position of belief, I think Global Warming is a situation we should be aware of and take action against. My point is that us humans can’t ignore disasters that will eventually affect every single one of us.
NASA has put out satellites and other technological advances to orbit the Earth. The data collected has shown that the temperature has rapidly increased in the Earth’s atmosphere. The mission of the technological advances was to look for a difference in the Earth’s atmosphere and to study the climate using a global scale. Fully recorded information from Nasa now says how quickly temperature has risen rose from 1974 till 2016, and say that 2016 has been the warmest year ever recorded globally. Reasoning and more information recorded shows that the temperature has been rising more than twice the rate than when it did 50 years ago. Looking at it closely on a graph of the increase in temperature gives a great visual and may also be alarming to many. Major contributors include the greenhouse gases emitted by humans. We should take action and slow it down.
Many of us are not aware of global warming, so we have not been given fact by fact. There are so many people who have not put importance to this global situation. A great example is the news reporters are not showing us the alarming facts of Global Warming, they will briefly talk about the situation, but do it in such a calm way the viewer sees no importance. On television, they do not show numbers or graphs to inform their viewers. I see no ‘why’ in why they don’t talk about it based on how alarming it should be. News reporters should be talking about how we should all join together and find a solution.

No living thing will be safe at all if global warming continues at the rate it has been growing for the past 50 years. Human bodies aren’t built for such temperatures, the human body can only reach beyond 40C/104F, or irreversible damage occurs to the body. Humans will reach the high point of heat strokes, and that is severe enough to require medical attention if it can be reached. Maybe other animals may be able to resist higher temperatures, but not forever. Huge damage will be done to the Earth.
Nobody wants to go through such disasters. We, humans, who have had a slight chance of maybe slowing down Global Warming, need to look for the chance to. Evidence shows that greenhouse gases have had a big impact on the atmosphere. Slowing down the greenhouse gases, factories, and many other man-made things would help. With these efforts, the air will clear and will be non-toxic. Then the temperature will slowly but surely drop. The air and atmosphere will be safe for all of us when we take action against Global Warming.
Gregory Peake
Dec 20, 2017
Gregory Peake
Period 4
Final Editorial – The Sauce
People all can acquire the ability to succeed with inner confidence and awareness but with the way some people use it, will always allow them to succeed in a way that separates themselves from others in the terms of success. These people who acquire it are also known as people with the sauce. Someone cannot be born with the sauce but must acquire it through their life and be molded and changed by it. This process and the confidence and awareness people get from it is also known as getting the sauce or acquire the sauce and has been coined that by the younger generations. A person without confidence and awareness can never succeed and won’t. A man with no sauce is lost. Someone can get lost in the sauce trying to acquire and get what he wants.
Sauce has many parts to it and has more to it than the common eye can see. Meat in the sauce is the people around you who give you false confidence. You can sprinkle sauce to others. You aren’t born with confidence, you learn it; this is also known as seasoning. You can become overconfident and lose your humility and get lost in the sauce. You don’t need money to be confident. A rapper who has been successful for a very long time over fifteen years in his choice of business said “When I was poor I was rich in ambition” – Gucci Mane. However the sauce gets you money, but getting lost in the sauce will get you caught up in not being where you want to be and lead to unhappiness.
People often confuse having the sauce with having juice. These are two different things. Juice is more centered around money and temporary behavior. It’s often attributed to people when they have nice things. It’s temporary; it comes and goes. A good analogy can be seen in your fridge. How long does a juice such as lemonade or orange juice last? A couple days at its best. However, that barbecue sauce in there lasts a long time. It stays and takes a lot to move. This sauce is your mindset. Once you get your mind on something and stay focused, it takes a lot to get you off of that. “Thoughts are powerful plans, plot, push yourself” – Gucci Mane. It’s important to make sure to keep yourself in the right mindset.
The best way to carry yourself is to set yourself up long-term and acquire the sauce. Others can argue the best way to live is in the moment and be happy with yourself in that time. This can and will lead to unhappiness. “Once I saw a bee drown in honey and I understood” – Nikos Kazantzakis. This is what people do, is drown in the situation they’re in. They forget they can swim. People get so caught up in situations they find great joy in. The honey appears to be the answer when your thirsty but only water is. People confuse honey (the juice) for water (the sauce) every day. People view life as a grind and struggle every day and thirst so much they do anything to cure the dryness of the grind. Us as humans do this and drink as much as we can even though it will never cure our thirst. People drink and drink so much they forget to breathe. Sometimes we dive so deeply, no matter how big of a breath we take, we run out of air and die. Those who acquire the sauce are different and fully aware of their surroundings and choices. People who have the sauce always will put themselves in the best place to succeed and not be suckered into the juice. “Before I make an action, think about the consequences…Any decision I make is a heavy decision.” – Gucci Mane.
As you can see someone can get lost in what they’re trying to acquire or make happen, they lose touch with reality.People can get overconfident and not stay humble at all times. This is someone getting lost in the sauce. But without ambition then a man has nothing because he does not have the drive to get where he wants to be. Someone must have the perfect balance with the sauce in order to succeed in life. You always must stay humble. This will get you where you want to be. Sauce is a mindset that once obtained is hard for people to lose. This will help you in all aspects of your life, and make you aware of your surroundings and be confident in what you do. Never forget what your goal is, and don’t fall for stuff that gives you false hope and confidence. My call to action to you is go out there and get that sauce.


Jose Perez
Dec 19, 2017
This cruel statement was proclaimed by Donald Trump when running for the candidate in November’s election. “I will build a great wall — and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me —and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words.” The border wall is a serious issue to deal with because it involves our nation’s neighbor and it also involves criticism against ourselves because our nations is made up of immigrants. Evidence shows that the wall will actually be very highly priced, it will not keep out immigrants, and that Mexico will not pay a single cent for the wall.
Trump said the wall would be projected to be at least $4 billion, even though it estimates to increase to $12,000,000,000, and it would be fabricated of “hardened concrete,” “rebar,” and steel,”. The height would approximately be 35 to 55 feet.
Trump stated that the distance length of the wall would be, “1,000 miles”, but other point of views say it would “cost $10 billion for the concrete panels, $5 billion to $6 billion for the steel columns plus labor, $1 billion for concrete foothold for the columns and a concrete foundation, $2 billion to build roads so 20-ton trucks can deliver the materials, and an additional 30 percent for engineering, design, and management. That’s $25 billion already, and that’s just building the wall.” On the other hand, debate.org stated that “Congressional Budget Office estimates that wall maintenance costs will exceed the initial construction costs within seven years…”, which means that the price will increase within the upcoming years and our taxpayers will be the ones paying for that.
Trump may have his ambition in wanting to build a wall to keep immigrants out. But Mexico isn’t responsible for paying the wall. They have a poor economy and on the other side, Felipe Calderon, Mexico’s former president from 2006 to 2012, told CNBC that there is a 50-50 chance that Mexico would not pay for the wall. Calderon stated “We are not going to pay any single cent for such a stupid wall! And it’s going to be completely useless,”. He also mentioned that he was “The first loser of such a policy would be the United States. If this guy pretends that closing the borders to anywhere either for trade (or) for people is going to provide prosperity to the United States, he is completely crazy.”
Trump still has the ambition of constructing the wall, no matter if Mexico does not pay for it. The question is, will it be effective to keep immigrants out? Will it prohibit smuggling of drugs? The wall is said to help keep illegal immigrants out but most enter legally. A 2013 Pew Research Center study addressed that, “Nearly half of all the unauthorized migrants now living in the United States entered the country legally through a port of entry such as an airport or a border crossing point” and then staying longer than the time of their visa. A wall won’t stop terrorists from entering, or the smuggling of drugs, because a majority of the recent shootings involved an American citizen, for example, the Route 91 Harvest music festival on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada. The cartels could just get a ladder, or make tunnels, ship it through a plane or through the ocean, or utilize different methods to ship drugs over the border. According to insightcrime.org, cartels or terrorist use homemade submarines, makeshift cannons, and catapults.
The border wall may have seemed like a good idea but this evidence shows it was found contradictory and unachievable.Hopefully that report, made you think twice to prove you that the wall will be highly priced, Mexico will no longer pay for a wall that Trump wants to build ,and it will not prohibit illegal immigrants out because everybody has the right to desire a “life, liberty, and a pursuit of happiness.” I hope the border wall has lost appeal through the facts I have provided, and when you vote, remember… vote for truth.
 Wendy Vanessa Perez
Dec 19, 2017
Final Copy Editorial
Should birth control pills be available to teenage girls without a prescription?
Overall, out of the 614,410 teenage pregnancies reported in the U.S during 2010.About 157,450 ended in abortion and 89,280 in miscarriage.From 1988 to 2010, the abortion rate for teens dropped in every state with many seeing a 50 percent reduction or more.Birth control pills should be allowed to teenage girls only with their parents’ consent and a prescription.
There will be less chance that teenage girls will have less time of thinking about having sex, or telling their parents that they want to be on birth control.Sometimes teenagers don’t want to tell their parents about what’s on their minds because they are afraid that they will get in trouble.That being said, there is a higher chance that teenagers will more often go to the store and buy the prescription pills without their parents’ consent. Maybe if teenagers have more communication with their parents then there is a higher chance that their parents would support them as well.
Nowadays teenagers think of being sexually active but don’t think about the consequences that they will have to face.Today, in every state, sexually active teenagers can get contraceptive to protect themselves against unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.But some state and federal lawmakers want to take away teen’s ability to protect themselves.They want to prevent sexually active teenagers from getting birth control unless they first tell their parents.There are sexually transmitted diseases everywhere, which parents need to have in mind when communicating with their teenagers.If teens don’t get support, they will do it either way.They will find a way of getting those prescription birth control pills behind parents’ back.It’s better to encourage the conversation and discourage the act.
Access to birth control pills can help decrease abortion rates.New York is one of the states with a high abortion rank.The 2010 data for abortions among women aged 15 to 19 is ranked by state.The rate reflects the number of abortions per thousand women in this age range.The Abortion rank is 32, Abortion rates should not be going up.Abortion should be going down.Teenagers should think twice before having sex and getting on birth control.
Abortion should be legal in any state. Abortion is a murder, killing an innocent human being is wrong, even if that human being has yet to be born.Unborn babies are considered human beings by the US government.The federal unborn victims of violence act, which was enacted “to protect unborn children from assault and murder.”

Under the federal law, anybody intentionally killing or attempting to kill an unborn child should be punished for trying to kill a human being.Tha act also states that an unborn child is a member of the species homo sapiens. At least 38 states have passed similar fetal homicide laws.Lack of readily available contraception and sex education is one of the top reasons for abortions.Birth control pills should be accessible to teenage girls only with a prescription and parents consent, and for all women in the United States because numbers are increasing of women in their 20s and early 30s who are choosing to postpone marriage and motherhood in favor of pursuing academic, career and other related goals.


Therefore, birth control is essential to their ability to achieve the work-life balance, that way when they have completed their professional goals, they would be able to successfully focus on having a family.Having access to birth control is key to increasing the number of women on corporate boards, school boards, and in public office.
Amelia Prochaska
Dec 19, 2017

Humanity: Becoming more violent?

From threats of nuclear war to bullying in school, violence has taken a role in our everyday life. Jokes about suicide and influence of media have pushed hate and violence to become a part of our culture. Don’t believe me? Well stop hitting the snooze button, you’re in for a wake-up call.


Let’s just talk about all the major shootings in 2017. Hold on, there might be too many to tell. Guess what? I‘m right. Just in this past year alone, there have been 307 mass shootings. The shooting in Texas: a church was shot up, killing 26 innocent people. The Orlando shooting: 49 confirmed deaths. The Vegas shooting: 59 people murdered, dead, gone. People just wanting to enjoy a night out; people wanting to live their lives but instead, they lost them.
Families devastated from losing their fathers, sons, daughters, moms, sisters, cousins etc. I personally have experienced losing someone because of a shooting. Umpqua Community College, a school just 25 minutes from South Umpqua, my old school in Oregon, was shot up on October 1st, 2015. Our community lost a dear, loved friend that day: Rebecka Carnes. It was her first year of college and she only made it to October. ( God bless your soul Becka, we all love and miss you.)
Man, radiation is good for the skin. I also hear it’s good for causing horrible deaths if you even survive the nuclear blast. Back in World War II, we Americans dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, a city in Japan. Now the dictator of North Korea, Kim Jung-un, is threatening nuclear warfare. He is threatening to drop a Hydrogen bomb on us. Hydrogen and atomic bombs are both types of nuclear bombs. Guess what nuclear bombs are great for. If you guessed ruining the environment, you are correct! Even if the bomb itself doesn’t kill us, the fallout will. Sounds pretty violent, right?
Okay, some people disagree and say humanity is becoming more peaceful. Uh, hello? But I’m an individual that respects others opinions. Let me explain a psychologist, Steven Pinker’s, opinion. He is wrong. His claim is that in World War II, the human population decreased 300 people for every 1000 people, meaning the war caused a lot of deaths. He says the number of wars and deaths in wars has decreased. “Violence exists,” says Steven Pinker. “It hasn’t gone down to zero. But past decades were far more violent.” The number of wars has gone down, but day to day violence racks up the number of deaths. Humanity is not more peaceful. Steven Pinker, what do you mean?
Speaking of day to day violence, this brings me to my next point. Social media is our main source of all young violence. It is how people learn about crimes and they can commit copycat crimes. Bullying occurs over Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr, Tinder, and any other social media site out there. People being racist, making fat jokes, calling people ugly or other not-so-nice names. Violence doesn’t have to be physical.
In conclusion, violence has increased. Whatever you decide to believe, that’s on you. Thanks for reading!
Cynthia Silva
Dec 20, 2017
Cynthia Silva
FInal Draft
Have you ever wanted something so bad like a certain kind of food or phone and when you do get it you automatically feel a big sense of happiness? Most of the time, the only resource that can get you these items is money. Money changes your life as it gets you new accessories or to new places and gives a change to your usual routine.
Wealth gets a person food, water, shelter and all the basic needs to survive. Everyone needs food and water to survive. A person can survive 3 weeks without food in their system but not drinking water is a completely different story. The human body is made up of 60% water and it needs water daily in order to function properly. The only way to get a decent meal that makes you happy and isn’t from a trash can is by buying food from either a store or restaurant. As you’ve seen most people who don’t have money and eat food from a trash can are unhappy, unlike people who eat fresh foods always put a smile after eating a good meal. A person might be able to live on the streets but I know those people would be much happier inside a cozy home and to have a home you need money.
Money allows us to get those new accessories that come out as the “new style,” like a new phone, laptop, or the next pair of shoes you’ve looked forward to. Every month and even every day new items come out. Sure, you can steal these items without giving your money in exchange for them, but you would eventually get caught and would have to pay for fines and fees. It’s nice to go shopping and “treat’ yourself once in awhile. Everyone loves to go out and show off their new clothing to others. I love to go shopping and get myself and family new things because I know how happy it makes us to add a new item to the closet.
Not only does money get you materialistic items but also trips around the world. Traveling the world and visiting new areas rather than just around your town is so much fun. It fills everyone with not only happiness but excitement. Many times I’ve dreamed of going to places like Brazil or even across the country but most of the time it’s impossible because of lack of money. I wish I could travel the world anytime I would like. And I know many people would love too also. I have friends who wish they could travel instead of going to school because being a broke high school/college student is very hard.
I see how much young, broke adults struggle in life and most of them are very unhappy. I walk down the halls and hear people say that they would be happier if only they had a good amount of money to go somewhere and forget about their everyday life.
Therefore, money does lead to happiness. It gets you to experience many more opportunities. Without money, you wouldn’t be able to get across the globe and feel the joy of knowing you visited so many places. The phone you’re holding right now would not be yours without the amount of money necessary and the bed you sleep peacefully in every night would not be yours without money either. Whenever you hear someone say that money doesn’t lead to happiness remember that they wouldn’t have a decent life without money.
Wyatt Thyfault
Dec 19, 2017
Wyatt Thyfault
4th hour
EditorialWhy religion should be taught in school

Kids nowadays are very for themselves and don’t really care for one another unless they have something they want from each other. We are commonly referred to as having a “hookup culture” with no morals or care for feelings. We also disregard themselves and don’t care about how they are seen or referred to as a “d—” they will still see themselves as perfect. If we begin to teach them about how much further we can go as a society together by learning how we should treat people and the morals we should uphold it would bring us all closer. This is why religion should be taught in school.
If we even just read the bible together we will start to understand how each other think. We will be able to ask each other questions. We can build off of each other and feel more connected. No one will be less understood because we’ll be able to have some common ground.
Secondly well all learn good morals. If all read about the standards were supposed to uphold, then everyone will feel like that’s the baseline for how people are expected to act. We will have less me thoughts and more us. We can all see a bigger picture of love, not greed.
This brings me to my final point. We can finally be a tight night society that doesn’t follow sin but follows the righteous path. We will see the bad in the world and push it away instead of seeing it as a norm. We will search for true love instead of lust. We will see everyone as equals and not as just people in our way.


We will always have trouble teaching it in school because people will see it as a way in taking away right. But it is not. We’re just letting them see how we should treat people. No one can actually make you believe. We would just like to help people see each other as equals and treat each other as a normal human.
Andrew Younger
12:26 PM

Final Copy Editorial

Does money buy you happiness?

I can recall a time when I found myself wishing I had more money, although not because I needed it and not because I just wanted it either. People don’t realize it, but money gives you opportunity. At times, you might not need it, but it’s helpful to have it just in case. People don’t realize “it” t but it impacts their lives every day and depending on where you stand, “it”could be because of money or the lack of it. Money affords you fewer things to worry about.

When you’re worrying about a hundred other things, there’s no time for you to go on vacation. You don’t have to travel the world, but “maybe” just take a break and go out and eat out every once in awhile with your family. It would be nice, but you might not have the money. And with money, there will be time for you to pay for things that you don’t have to do yourself, like when you have the money to pay somebody to redo your kitchen or fix your house. “It” does cost more, but you don’t have to do it which takes more time.

Think about all the people that are homeless around the world or countries that don’t have money. The countries that are living in poverty are not as safe as the ones that do have money. Those people do not get to live because they’re trying to survive and not understand what it’s like to live. When you live, you do not have to fight or worry about what is coming. You get to experience things and enjoy different parts of life, and you will need money to do this in our world today.

To be happy and have money, you have to set goals. When you achieve these goals, it makes you feel successful, and the stress goes away. Money can’t buy love or anything, but it can build confidence. Your confidence comes from the success you have. You can spend your money on others and feel-good about yourself. When you don’t have the money to do that, you’re worried more.

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