Behind The Scenes of “Grease”


Excitement is building in the halls of Weld Central as the high school speeds toward the end of January, meaning that there is a mere month between them and the upcoming production of Grease, being performed on March 1, 2, and 3 of 2018 by the WCHS drama club. While this play is going to be somewhat different from the movie (i.e. there will be a noticeable lack of innuendo), it’s definitely going to show the influence of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, who are being channeled for the leads of Danny and Sandy, portrayed this March by Zach Ramirez and Alina Lindstrom, respectively.

Alina Lindstrom/Sandy proclaims that although she was a bit anxious when she first discovered that she’d been placed in the lead role, she has been able to slip into her part with ease. Admitting that she has had some difficulty with certain scenes, Lindstrom feels confident that by the time opening day rolls around, she will be prepared for the expectations of WC. After all, she declares that she is doing “Better than [she] thought [she] would.”

Zach Ramirez (Danny) laughed when he relayed that even though “They [John Travolta’s] are pretty big shoes to step into,” he feels that he is “Doing a good job.” Ramirez agreed that this play is going to be a rather different version of Grease than the movie was, but wants to assure readers that “It’ll be great…us here at Weld Central put quality in our work.” He made sure that it was abundantly clear that they not only have a cast that is “Like a family,” but they also have directors with experience, who are going to make Grease a hit.

Backstage, one of the most important roles is being fulfilled by Karra Beierle, stage manager. Beierle is arguably the most confident about how the show will turn out, taking pride in the fact that they “Have a fantastic cast.” Displaying a motherly tendency over the cast members, she grinned and confirmed that “My actors make me happy.” Beierle expressed that there is a lot she hopes to accomplish with this performance of Grease, saying that she wants it to show that it “Has taken [these] kids effort, time and dedication.” Adding on to the desire of ensuring their hard work shines through in the play, she passionately said that she hopes that, after watching the play, the audience will “Appreciate theater a little more than when they walked in.”

Up front, two of our beloved teachers are bringing their modern approach to the drama, as experienced directors of Weld Central’s first musical in eight years. Ms. Sarah Rhodebeck and Ms. Kayla Gerkin are at the head of Grease as it weathers the storms of the balance of choreography, copyrights, complicated sets, and lines. Both directors expressed extreme pride in their actors, as well as their techies, who were defined by Rhodebeck as “Autonomous” (in a good way). Both teachers agree with their lead actors that despite the fact that they chose the school version of the play so it is more “Appropriate,” it’s going to go over well with audiences. Rhodebeck desires to assure readers that “It does have the same [as the movie] 50’s, classic feel,” and Gerkin proclaims that “Everyone should come out and watch it!”

Grease, the play, was originally written by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey in 1971. Performed on Broadway, it was immediately one of the most popular shows ever, and at the time, was the longest-running Broadway musical, clocking in at 3, 388 performances! Although it has since been surpassed, it is still the 15th longest running show in the history of Broadway. Grease was adapted into a movie in 1978, and it was also massively popular, becoming the highest grossing movie musical of all time.

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