North and South Korea Joining teams


In recent news, it has been confirmed that North and South  Korea will be joining teams at the 2018 Winter Olympics. The games will begin on Friday, February 9th, and both Koreas will actually be presented under one flag. The Winter Olympics will be located in Pyeongchang in South Korea.

The joined teams have proven to not be all a good thing. The downside that is stirring up some controversy is that South Korea will not be able to play their full roster. People are saying that it is not fair for the athletes that have trained so hard for a long time are just cut out of their winter sport.

The people of South Korea have even said that these Winter Olympics are being used as a gimmick for the use of Kim Jong Un’s propaganda. Though the President of South Korea, Moon Jae-In referred to these games as the “peace games”. Moon Jae-in sees an opportunity for a peaceful resolution to the North Korean nuclear issues and hopefully find peace between both Koreas.

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