Katy Perry “Victim” of Social Media

Katy Perry is a “victim “ of the social media. Due to the social media pressure, she is to share every move online about her life. An American Idol judge says that “Instagram and Twitter are the proof of decline civilization”. Katy Perry has encouraged fans not to listen to the media, and to instead live their own lives.


With all the pressure in social media, she says she is “trying to find a balance in what she posts online.” She then says, “It’s hard because I’d rather not care about that and just live my life.”  Katy has millions of followers, but she says she’d “rather not share [her] whole life online.” Katy Perry is not the first star to talk about the pressure of having to monitor her own social media.  


Perry has become renowned for speaking out against the pressure of social media.

“It would be almost ignorant of me not to highlight some of the social injustices and false narratives. I have everything to lose, so I’m also taking a chance.” 

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