Why Coyote Hunting is Important

By Isaiah Jones and Jared Stapleton


Many people around the country have a passion for hunting coyotes and other predator animals. These animals can be hunted year round, but is better during the colder months. Hunting coyotes is something that is necessary to do in all parts of the country.

Why is it necessary? Hunting coyotes is important so that their population doesn’t get out of control. If no one hunted coyotes then the coyote’s population would grow and they would move into neighborhoods, and would have no fear of people. Without the fear of people, they could have the potential of attacking children, pets, or even yourself.

To hunt them, you need to go out to a field and wait for night to approach. Then you listen for them and call them in so that you can blast them. You could also put out some rotten meat to help bring them in. One thing that can help is to have a spot light so you can see them better when you shoot them, but this can also hurt you so be warned.

When you kill the coyotes, and they aren’t too messed up, you can skin them and sell their hides and get money. To get the best price you need to make sure you have a clean shot and not mess up when you skin them.

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