Greatest Moments in Sports History

First Dunk in NBA History

Broken baskets and crazy athleticism had taken the phrase ‘dunking’ to be considered a highlight moment in many basketball games.

The term had been known by the 1930’s with Hall of Fame receivers that were known for high scoring games. In that decade, basketball was about scoring the most points and the teams had players who would break out in fights to entertain the audiences. Where as now, it’s about players with the best ball handling skills and those who have broken ankles with handles that make their opponents stumble and a killer shot to back it all up. History has had many of the best players at one time on the court playing advanced games, representing their country at Olympic events.

It had been the 6’8 Texan, named Joe Fortenberry who was believed to be the first person to dunk in an organized basketball game. It has been undefined if the type of dunk we consider now, is the same as the dunk made by Fortenberry in the University of California game against Chico State College. Back in the mid 1900’s the term ‘dunk’ had been defined as any form of scoring and now, in the 21st century when you dunk a ball, you “score by shooting the ball down through the basket with the hands above the rim” as stated in the dictionary. Information given by the UC-Davis game report that had given descriptions of Fortenberry’s shot as a “tip-in” and “looping the ball around”.

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