Firestorm of 2017

photography by: Wendy Mesa

California struck with A what it seemed to be a never-ending wildfire a firestorm of 250 wildfires swept across southern California in a matter of three months. A fire that started by just a small friendly legal fire that took out 91,000 acres of land as it grew and span out of control. Many people in fear of losing their homes and land and the unbreathable air. Thousands of people forced to evacuate because of the danger of their homes being burnt to the ground and not being able to breathe the air around them.

Firestorm starting on December 13,2017 and ended January 2018. Many reporters said that the fire was as big as Washington DC burning down 8,900 structures and killing 40 people in its path. This wildfire also is known as Thomas fire was growing bigger than past fires California has had. The last largest fire that Ventura County had was in 2016 around December just like Thomas fire. December wildfires left everyone dumbfounded because it’s not common for there to be fires at this time since the ground is cold.

The southern California fires were put out coming into the new year with many lives and homes lost. many people wanting to stay in their homes until their last days had to find a new place to call home, people that thought they had one more day with their loved ones become angels. However, in all this destruction California is not out of the woods yet. People will struggle to get back on their feet but they will rise from the ashes like many times before.

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