What is stress? Stress a pressure or tension exerted on a material object. Believe it or not, stress does and can affect everyone. High school students all around the world may know how to relieve or deal with it. One thing to know is that not all stress is bad for you, but to get everything straight there are some ways to help you manage your stress, like doing a relaxing activity might be able to help you relieve away some pain. Deep breathing can make you feel like you are taking out all the pressure in one breath. Many of us in the world today have to learn how to deal with their own stress.

Stress is a very hard obstacle to deal with in your life experience. One of the many things you could do is keep track in what you’ve accomplished every day so you could see some progress that you are doing and won’t have to stress about thinking you haven’t done anything. If you are overwhelmed make sure you ask for help from a health professional.Reasons why is long-term stress or overall term can harm your health. One main thing you need to know is the body responds to stress and what gets affected. Stress may release hormones which those could cause blood pressure, heart rate to go up and blood sugar. So make sure you don’t think stress is an easy thing to have. It’s a thing to actually worry about and more if you get stress daily. I asked one student, Briana Fernandez, “Do you feel too stressed about where you are standing right now in life?” She responded, “No I feel that I’m not stressed at all at the moment.” In where I asked her “When you are stressed what do you do to manage your stress?” “I usually play music or just play my guitar,” Briana responded.

Helping to stay in touch with people can also help you get distracted so you don’t have to overthink, which can make you stress enough. Make sure to talk to someone about some activities that you might be able to do to help it “Shake it off.” Importantly, make sure that you have good enough of sleep and not stay up too late. Take control of managing your things and time also, avoid caffeine especially if you like to drink it daily. So make sure that you get the chance to know facts about stress and what could affect it, and get the chance to not stress too much.

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