Hamilton is Coming to Denver!

Colorado residents are ecstatic as tickets for the Broadway show Hamilton prepare to go on sale at the Buell Theater on January 22.

This long-anticipated musical is now on its nationwide tour. Many rumors had been spread that tickets would sell for more than $1000, but most tickets were sold between $65-$175.

Hamilton sold out in Denver within hours of going on sale because of the huge demand. People that logged in on the Denver Center for the Performing Arts’ (DCPA) website were assigned a random number corresponding to their place in the queue. They then had 15 minutes to choose tickets and showtimes.

More than 100,000 people logged in to try to buy tickets, but very few got any.

Those that didn’t get tickets shouldn’t be too down, though. DCPA revealed that 40 orchestra seats will be sold for $10 each every show, so there is still a possibility for the less lucky people that didn’t get tickets to get into the show.

Hamilton was first performed on January 20, 2015. Its music, lyrics, and book were written by Lin-Manuel Miranda with himself performing as Alexander Hamilton on Broadway. Miranda also wrote the soundtrack to Moana in 2016.

The performance notably casts non-white actors as Founding Fathers and other historical figures. This generated very mixed reviews from viewers. Yet, Hamilton was nominated for 14 awards, 11 of which it won.

Hamilton makes around $1.9 million every week, which is around $60 million per year. That number is only expected to rise. If Hamilton does make more money than that, it can be expected to gross over $1 billion in a decade.

About 3.6 million people have seen Hamilton so far. Some celebrities who have seen it are Daniel Radcliffe, Beyonce, Eminem, Oprah Winfrey, Jimmy Fallon, and Julia Roberts. All of them enjoyed the show.

While it is impossible to tell for exactly how long Hamilton will be on Broadway, it is almost certain that it will be touring for another few years at least.Hamilton 2

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