E Coli outbreak kills

In Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona two kids died from an E coli outbreak taking place in July.Two boys, 3 and 6, from Hildale, Utah died. The virus has now spread to another 11 individuals.

The water has been tested in the area and it is confirmed that the E coli did not come from the water supply. The two boys were neighbors and the 6 year olds mother was the babysitter for the 3 year old.


E coli is transmitted from person to person and contaminated foods like ground beef, unpasteurized milk, and fresh produce. People more at risk are young children and people with weak immune systems.

To avoid E coli you need to cook hamburgers to 160 degrees, wash raw produce thoroughly, and wash utensils. You should also keep raw foods separate and wash your hands.


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