Little Brown Bats Fighting for Survival

The Little Brown Bat, a species off bat indigenous to the eastern part of North America are being threatened by a fungal disease.


The emerging fungal disease is called White-nose Syndrome (WNS). It is characterized by white markings on the face of the bats. The fungal disease makes the bats stressed out because they use up their fat resources to fight the white-nose syndrome.They put themselves in danger because they are weak, and it causes them to stop flying.


In trying to find a cure scientists say ‘’probiotics show promise,but it remains to be seen if it will workout.”


Other authorities say ‘’to manage and conserve this species effectively, it is important to understand patterns of gene flow and population connectivity to disease transmission.”


The brown bat is a member of the genus myotis species. This bat  weighs between 5.5 and 12.59 ounces. These bats weigh the least in the spring when they emerge from hibernation.   

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