A Counselor at Weld Central

A school counselor is a person who is trained to give guidance on personal, social, or physiological problems. Erica Edged-Kirchner is a school counselor here at Weld Central High School all year long. A short description, in her own words she gave us during her interview, Mrs. Edged said she “helps students find their passion in life.” She provides support for students to help them reach their goals and dreams.

Mrs. Erica Edged has a four years Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and a Masters in School Counseling. The experience she has had in her journey to becoming a counselor include volunteering for a Suicide Crisis Center for three years. She worked shifts that would include answering calls to talk about personal, social, or psychological problems. She also worked with foster adolescents and younger teens. Now her first job in her counseling career is here at Weld Central.

Mrs. Edged is the 9th and 10th grader counselor. She is the organizer of three clubs: Career Cab, Ambassadors, and FOR Club. All of these have been organized by her to help students in many ways. She created Carrer Cab to assist students by taking trips to colleges and letting them explore the campus. Ambassadors are peer counselors. This club was created to work along with the counseling staff. FOR Club is a club that works with Rachel’s Challenge, to prevent suicide and generate awareness. Mrs. Edged knew these were important to create and have students involved in.

When asked if she liked her job, Mrs. Edged responded enthusiastically. “I love it! I enjoy working with the students and staff. Reminds me of my hometown.” When she answered the question she seemed ecstatic and her mood seemed to brighten up after being able to express herself about her job.

Out of school, Eric Edged is a married woman who loves traveling with her beloved husband. They got married this past summer and are a very happy couple. She loves the mountains and even had a snowboarding pass! At home she also has two lovely dogs she loves very much. She said, “they are pretty much my children, I’m a dog mom.” as she laughed. She also shared a  quote with us, “Live the life you imagine.”  Many can surely agree with her.


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