Dragon’s Milk Book Review

   Susan Fletcher is an adventurous writer who enjoys putting real-life experiences into her books. Fletcher fuels her books creativity and reality by going on adventures herself, including riding camels, exploring caves, and hiking in large forests. Yet after all of this, she states that she would prefer to sit in her home, listening to the rain before anything else gets up to let her brain breath and her words flow onto the paper.

    “Dragon’s Milk” hooks the reader and has many teen-friendly messages including responsibilities that may be forced upon one at any moment and the message of keeping one’s promises. Kaeldra promises to come back to pay her dues and is urged to do so. The story also includes being the outcast in a society has its advantages and that keeping your word and protecting those entrusted to you is of top priority as well as responsibility isn’t always a downer, but could be rather fun.

    “Dragon’s Milk” is the story of Kaeldra, an orphan that doesn’t exactly fit in anywhere, with a secret ability, the green eyes of those who may speak with dragons. She gains responsibility after watching them for the mother dragon, Fiora, in exchange for her milk to help her foster sister Lyf. After Fiora’s horrid death she sets out to do what is right and take the three babies to Landreth, a friend of dragons so the babies can continue on their ancient kind.

    The story “Dragon’s Milk” is a tale of female heroism in a fantasy adventure setting. Everyone knows about stories of a prince rescuing a princess from a great Tower, but  Fletcher knew that you can’t rely on someone to save you from all of your problems so she created a tale of the girl fixing her own problems. “Dragon’s Milk” Is the story of Young Kaeldra, an Orphan who sticks out like a sore thumb in her Village, she goes out to seek a cure for her younger step sister and ends up watching over three baby dragons.

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