Sexual Harassment Allegations Hit Hollywood

       Several public figures have been accused of sexual harassment in recent months. A few of those figures include Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, and Dustin Hoffman. The sexual accusation against Kevin Spacey has taken his public image of a respected Hollywood actor, to one of the most unfavorable. These allegations have caused him to be dropped by his talent agency, his publicist, and some of his biggest roles won’t be publicized. Kevin Spacey hasn’t had an appearance in the spotlight as he waits for the accusations to be evaluated, but it seems as though the end isn’t in sight as many more people come forward with misconduct accusations. A commonly known accuser is a man by the name of Anthony Rapp. Rapp says that Kevin Spacey invited him over for a celebratory party after collaborating with him on Broadway. He says at the end of the night Spacey forced him upon a bed and made sexual advances unto him when he was just fourteen years of age. As you can imagine, Mr. Spacey had to form a response, which was done on Twitter. He states his actions were due to “deeply inappropriate drunken behavior” although he claims he does not remember the incident. Following this apology of sorts, he took a moment to come out as gay, for which he received all kinds of backlash as it was seen unfair to the gay community. Basically, after this one solid accusation, his whole career on the screen seems to be over.


     Harvey Weinstein has a bit more serious charges against him. One charge is for rape and forced sexual actions, rather than ‘misconduct’. The first charge was when Harvey Weinstein was just a concert promoter. The accuser is a woman by the name of Hope Exiner d’Amore, who claimed  Harvey raped her in a hotel room in Buffalo during the 1970’s. Cynthia Burr also accused Harvey Weinstein of forcing her to engage in sexual actions in a hallway, after an elevator encounter, taking place in the same span of time (the nineteen seventies). Ashley Matthau, a dancer with a bit part in a movie of his, states that he displayed inappropriate sexual actions in her presence which include graphic descriptions. Days after the encounter, she claims he paid her to keep quiet. These three women aren’t the only ones with allegations directed at Harvey. Short periods of time after these complaints, women from different continents, generations, and fields have come forth with charges of rape, sexual assault, and groping, These women all say that they felt isolated and ashamed as they watched the man receive Oscars, and walk down red carpets. Hope Exiner says the experience has haunted her all her life since the incident, who is now sixty-two.

     Dustin Hoffman has had three accusations in under a month. One includes a woman by the name of Kathryn Rossetter, however, her accusations are countered by actors and actresses on the set who say they didn’t see any sign or misconduct that she claimed to have experienced, as well as Hoffman’s representatives. No one has seen any sign of misconduct or any actions between them that have either been inappropriate or have seemed uncomfortable to Kathryn. She has alleged that he would begin to put his hand under her slip on the inside of her thighs while they would be waiting in the wings during almost every show and then would progressively “get more aggressive.” She has also made more counts of molestation charges, claiming that he would do things like groping her at after parties, and he would do these things when they would take pictures but drop his hands right before the flash. Kathryn has accused him of doing more extreme things. Saying he has pulled clothing from her in public, behind the stage, and on sets to expose her body as a joke, causing her to miss her cue and be reprimanded. Kathryn told the reporters that she has violently confronted him, and he left her alone for three days but was back at it again as he usually was. Rossetter says that she had a plan to get back at him to “give him a taste of his own medicine” but it backfired and his version of the story was published in Playboy magazine.







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