Questions in The Wake of The Texas Church Shooting

devin patrick kelley d7 mug_1509992079161_70765782_ver1.0_640_480         Most of the country is still reeling from the mass shooting in rural Texas that saw 26 people gunned down during a church service. The initial time of mourning has passed for some and most have moved on to assessing the incident and the possibility of how it could have been prevented, and how to prevent tragedies like this in the future.


 Devin Kelley, the assailant, was also confronted by a citizen with a rifle in an attempt to stop him from continuing his massacre; this attempt was successful. Upon arrival of the armed citizen, he and Kelley engaged in a brief firefight. Frightened, Kelley entered his vehicle and fled the scene, with the armed citizen hot on his trail. Kelley was found dead in his vehicle with three gunshot wounds.


   With this in hand, we as a nation have been divided on what could have been done as far keeping this monster from obtaining the guns he used in the first place. As details emerged, it was revealed that Devin Kelley, the shooter, was dishonorably discharged from the Air Force and should have never been able to purchase guns anyway under his status, according to federal law. However, the Airforce failed to report Kelley’s criminal activity, that led to his discharge, to the FBI, criminal activity that should have barred him from purchasing guns. Because of this, Kelley passed multiple background checks when purchasing his firearms, two of which were in Colorado Springs-a fatal mistake by the Air Force.


  With this in mind, the argument has been made that nothing could have been done as far as gun control to stop this man from doing what he did.


Photo by The Denver Channel

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