Student Profile

Mikayla Rupple is a senior at Weld Central High School. Inside of school, Mikayla enjoys playing basketball, volleyball, and is part of FFA. She’s been a part of these three activities all four years of her high school career. Outside of school, Mikayla spends her free time doing rodeo,spends time on the lake, or farming. Mikayla is a defensive specialist on the volleyball team and point guard or guard on the basketball team. She runs barrels, roping, goat tying and does poles for rodeo. With Mikayla’s busy schedule, she says that she manages being a student athlete by always keeping her school work first. While she stays caught up in school it’s easier for her to just enjoy the sport she is playing. When asked what was the best moments in any of her activities, she mentioned how she won two saddles in rodeo, “that was pretty cool”, she says.

Mikayla plans on going to a small college that isn’t too far from home to become a teacher or to get a degree in Ag Business.  Mikayla says, “My family and the people around me who push me to become a better person”, is what motivates her in her outside school activities and the activities that she accomplishes outside these walls of Weld Central.

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