Photography by Brandon Burke

Link Crew is an organization at WCHS that has been around for 3 years. Mrs.Gerkin, one of our language arts teacher, is head of Link Crew, she keeps all members busy year round. Juniors and seniors are the students allowed to be part of Link Crew. This year there are around 30 students involved in the club. The purpose of Link Crew is to help freshmen transition to high school more efficiently. Many upperclassmen stated that when they were freshmen they didn’t have this help and weren’t as involved as the freshmen are this year. Not only does the club help freshmen but they also help the community in many ways.

For example this year the students are making sure that there is at least one event involved every month where freshmen can participate. In September they had a dance lesson day where freshmen came to learn dance moves to “impress their homecoming date.” In October they made a scary movie night in the WCHS auditorium where freshmen were supposed to wear their Halloween costumes and enjoy watching a scary movie. For November freshmen made Thanksgiving cards for residents at Aladdin in Keenesburg. They also had a pie eating contest where the Link Crew members and freshmen went against each other for a grand prize that was put together by Link Crew

Link Crew is also in the making of care packages for the homeless and for those in need. The care packages include can foods, snacks, and supplies like toothpaste, toothbrushes, socks, and some also have feminine products. Link Crew has been much more active and fun this year and if you are a sophomore or junior right now make sure to join next year so you can also give out some of your help to others!

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