Winter Fashion

Winter Fashion What is the best type of clothes to wear in the winter? Winter in Colorado can get cold, and you want to stay warm and still look good while doing it. Staying fashionable can be a big part of some people’s lives and not others, but we got a little something for everybody and we interviewed some of the staff and students and Weld Central High School to get their idea of what they believe is best to wear in the winter and stay fashionable. From the information that we gathered, winter fashion varies between what people think will keep them warm, when we asked people, “What clothing do you think keeps you the warmest?” the responses we got were somewhat similar. Coach Canaday suggested “insulated shorts,” and most said wool, long sleeves, or compression shorts. Yvette and Cynthia said, “not to wear leggings because they don’t keep you warm.” In all honesty, winter fashion is what keeps you warm the best and sometimes what looks the best, but that all depends. So what do you think of your winter fashion? Do you wear some of the things other people like to wear during winter or prefer to just be warm? These are some of the most popular winter fashions at Weld Central High School. If you want your winter fashion to be on point try some of the things try following the trend of what other people are wearing. By Patrick Devante Carm

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