The Fourth Friday is BLACK

By: Johnny and Alan


Black Friday can be either stressful or fun depending how you go about it. Instead of chasing prey like animals do, we chase discount bargains. Just look at the scenes that take place every year in American shopping malls on the fourth Friday of November. Black Friday shopping should qualify as an Olympic sport. It’s competitive, strategic, and takes lots of energy.

But with the right planning and research shopping on Black Friday doesn’t have to be scary. Shoppers who fail to know what they’re looking for during Black Friday are only hurting themselves. Figure out who you are shopping for, what items you are looking for, and do research on where you can find the items for the best deal.

-Some pros and cons of heading out on black Friday shopping:

  • Pro- Stores offer giveaways
  • Con- Sales are limited
  • Pro-Consumer electronics deals are huge
  • Con- Promotions may not be as good as they seem
  • Pro-You can get a feeling of satisfaction

-Here are some tips that you can follow so you can stay on top of the game

  • Compare prices
  • Get a group together to cover the most places
  • Reserve products online if you can
  • Create a budget

Overall, Black Friday can be overwhelming, but you determine whether it’s fun or if it can make you stressed. It’s like a sport: if you prepare just right, you will come out with a W. But, if you lack just a little- you will get a big fat L. These small, simple steps will guarantee you to the road of success. Hope our tips are helpful. Stay safe and have fun!

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