Disrespectful Students

We’ve all had those classes where one of your classmates interrupts class by blurting out or by just not being quiet. For those of you who may not know, there are students out there who really do not like when their fellow classmates are a distraction. The main reason being because when someone interrupts it takes away from time that the teacher could be using to teach the whole class. When people are a distraction it is selfish and rude to both your classmates and your teacher. In fact 16 out of 19 students have a schedule where another student disrupts at least one class. The majority of the students surveyed said that they find the distractions to be annoying. Even though a few students do not mind the outbursts, mainly because it uses up class time there are those who strongly dislike the interruptions of class. If you are one of those people who prevent other people from learning do them a favor and respect them by doing what you are supposed to do.

Every teacher surveyed said that they all had experience with disruptive students. The fact that a student’s disrupts them in their class merely everyday is terrible. The variety of teachers surveyed had different methods to getting their disruptive students under control. One said they talk to their students in a rational and mature way. Another teacher says that they sometimes give their students a certain look to get them to stop or just blatantly telling them to stop. These things are meant to regain rule over a student so do the teachers a favor and have them have to refrain from having to do any of these things


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