Dealing with the Relatives During the Holidays


  It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It is when you get to spend time with the family and loved ones. You might think that it will go just how holidays go, in the movies, but in reality, you will end up needing a lot of aspirin for the really bad headache that you will be getting. This is especially true if you haven’t seen that cousin that talks a lot in a while. In order for the holidays to go smoothly and relaxing, you just need to follow these easy steps.


The first thing you want to do is to practice on how you want to behave. You really don’t want to act all stuck up and pretend that you don’t care. If your family is like mine where they judge you on how you behave, then I would practice on how to behave. You want to make sure that you behave maturely in front of your family. It’s only when you act mature that they treat you like a grown-up, and they involve you in more conversations.

Talking about conversations, you really want to make sure to listen before you speak. During the holidays, relatives will ask about topics that are pretty controversial. But you know, what’s a family gathering without an argument? In order to not start any fist fights with your family, just listen to everything that they have to say. Don’t just say things that could hurt someone else. Try to process the right words. That way, not only do you sound smart, but you also don’t sound rude.Also, try to respect each other’s point of view on different things.



 Take deep breaths. If your family is really stressing you out, inhale deeply. Not only will you have a way to find a bit peace, but it will help you not to explode. Experts say that having a short breathing break, can have a positive effect in stress and anxiety. So do yourself a favor, and take breaths for your own good.


Most importantly, take the time to love your family. It’s really the only time you are all together. Enjoy it.Try to be positive about your interactions. Don’t forget to share love and positivity because family is one of the biggest parts in life and will always be there for you even if they are a bit difficult.

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