Dance Team

Everyone knows our beloved dancers at Weld Central that entertain and keep us awake during boring half times. What you don’t know is the behind the scenes of the Dance Team life. A lot goes on in the Dance Team, including competition and the excitement of getting a dance done on time and the rush of performing it for the whole school to see. This year the dance team has worked extra hard to get where they are and they still have lots in store for them in the near future.

Along with the dance team that people usually see at the Varsity football games, there are two other teams. Junior Varsity or JV perform mostly for our loved soccer team and JV football team. The JV dance team has worked very hard this year and has gotten a lot of support from fellow dancers and others in the school. Sadly the JV dance season ended on October 26th. The other dancers inside of the regular Varsity team is the competition team. This team consists of almost all of the girls that are also on Varsity. Our competition team gets to go away to perform and compete against other dancers, in hopes to take first in the state. This team isn’t heard of as often, but still needs the support of other students in the school to help cheer them on. They have a lot of big opportunities coming their way. Their last competition took place in Fort Morgan at Leagues. They did fantastically!

The varsity team has had a good season dancing football and has already gotten lots of support and encouragement from the students and crowd. Everyone loves their dances and the show that they put on. Luckily you have not seen the end of the dancers!! They also perform for Basketball season, which is coming up soon! The dancers work very hard on their dances every day after school, and even sometimes early before school. It takes a lot of time to put a dance together, but the dance team puts plenty of hard work to get them done in even a week or less at times!

We interviewed a dancer on the Varsity team and Competition team, Bronwyn Kalcevic. When asked to describe the dance team in three words Bronwyn said, “It is fun, drama free, and everyone is hardworking.” I could definitely agree with her on that one hundred percent. Bronwyn Kalcevic said when asked what her favorite part about being on the dance team was, “I like being with my friends and learning the dances we get to do for everyone.” Her reply to what the most stressful part about being on the dance team was, “The competition practices and performances.”  The first dance team’s next competition is a state on December 9th at the Denver Coliseum. Bronwyn and many other dancers are very excited and a little nervous. The final question asked was what the school should know about the dance team. Bronwyn replied, “We have a lot of fun and work very hard on preparing the dances to perform for everyone.” Thank you Bronwyn Kalcevic for letting us interview you.  

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