Dance League

    Dancing is very entertaining art. Including advantages such as exercise, positive emotions and  stiffness relief. It’s fun to watch performances, and include various styles of dancing from ballet, jazz and hip hop to name a few. Movement should be quick, and correct counts are needed. There’s no room for awkwardness unless it dramatizes dance techniques to increase attention of an audience.

     According to Bronwyn Kalcevic, she reported a lot on Dance Leagues that were competed at Fort Morgan High School. I have asked her questions and received great information on groups involved in a Dance competition at Fort Morgan or an upcoming one at the Denver Coliseum. She said “Some are from each class from ninth through twelfth grade,” when I asked her about who is involved. It’s all about dancing, and she stated she likes dancing since, “It’s unique, different and has school spirit.” “We took 2nd place for leagues,” said Kalcevic. She said, “Leagues were on Thursday, November the    second, and state is in December sometime.” “State is always at the Coliseum in Denver, and leagues are here at school sometimes or at other schools.”

     I was curious to know how this is happening, and she responded, “No idea. It’s been around forever.” I also asked why this is occurring and she mentioned, “To give the school some spirit, it’s entertaining and provides a sport for people to do.” Dance Leagues and State are really cool, and people in them put forth every effort. It takes a ton to participate on these awesome teams!

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