Catalonia: Independence From Spain

         Catalonia is a region located in the Northeast section of Spain. Although part of cataloniaSpain, Catalonia is largely independent of its culture and language. Recently, they have declared themselves independent from Spain and sparked a worldwide debate.

         There were countless reasons for the sudden change in mind of Catalonia but there were three colossal explanations given. Firstly, Catalonia declared that they provide Spain with more than Spain provides them. By “providing”, Catalonia is referring to the fact that they give Spain most of their income, resources, and intellect while Spain gifts them absolutely nothing. The next reason Catalonia provided for a separation from Spain was the difference in culture. Catalonia believes they have a separate cultural identity than other Spanish regions and it would make an abundant amount of sense for Catalonia to be independent. Finally, Catalonia craves independence because of the varying ideas of how a government should be run. Kenan Malik, a strong supporter of Catalonian independence, declared that “In Spain, democracy and laws are being reduced to hollow shells”.

On October 27, 2017, the first vote for Catalonia’s request was held. There were 70 votes in favor of the independence, two blanks, and 10 votes against in the parliament vote. However, in the public vote, 90% of 2.3 million people voted for Catalonian independence.

The day of the vote, tens of thousands of people gathered on the streets of Barcelona and the palace to celebrate the result of the vote. Additionally, they chanted for the Spanish flag to be removed from sight. Some violence broke through and 900 injuries occurred. However, the independence was not official after the vote because  Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution declares that the central authority has the power to rule completely over the 17 regions in Spain. To add, the Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, said the riots were, “a clear violation of the laws, of democracy, [and] of the rights of all, and that has consequences”. In fact, Catalonia’s actions did have consequences, eight of their ministers were jailed. There have been no new events at the moment and Catalonia’s independence is still on the line.


Pictures: Daily New Analysis

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