The Juice is loose. The man himself, Orenthal James Simpson, got out after 10 years of being in prison in Lovelock Correctional Center in Lovelock, Nevada. OJ was supposed to serve a 9-33 year sentence for charges of armed robbery and kidnapping. Reports say Simpson was trying to retrieve valuable and memorable items that he had sold in order to pay off the civil lawsuit against Nicole Brown Simpson/Ron Goldman.

Lucky for him, he was released on October 1st of 2017 after being placed under arrest in September of 2007. He was released early for good behavior. OJ plans to stay in Nevada. “He’s not going to hide,” said longtime friend Tom Scotto, who attended Simpson’s parole hearing this summer. “He’s going to focus on kids, friends, his family and golf,” Scotto said. “Maybe not the first day or second, but he is going to go out.” OJ is now on parole but the court is still deciding how long he will have to be on parole for. Hopefully that will be decided soon so Simpson can return to a normal life quicker.

O.J,  a man, a myth, a mystery. We may never know if he actually killed his wife. We do know he was charged with robbery. We also know he is out of prison. In his prime, Simpson  was a role model to many young children. He helped them see that with hard work, you can make it big. The tragic downpour of his career affected many young children. We can only hope now that he is out, he does good with his life and becomes a good role model once again.


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