Driving in the Snow!!!!!

         Isaiah, Tyler, and Jared

How do you drive in the snow? To drive safely in the snow, people need to take caution and not drive recklessly. Chances of you crashing are high when you speed in the snow or don’t know how to properly drive in the weather. That’s probably not the best idea when it’s snowy and icy out. Here are some easy tips to stay safe this winter:

  1. Drive slowly.
  2. The normal dry pavement following distance of three to four seconds should be increased to eight to ten seconds.
  3. Know your brakes.
  4. Don’t stop if you can avoid it.
  5. Don’t power up hills.
  6. Don’t stop going up a hill.
  7. Stay home.
  8. Get good tires.
  9. Let off on the throttle on black ice.
  10. Pump your brakes if you don’t have an automatic braking system (ABS).
  11. To avoid an accident, go into the ditch if possible.
  12. If a small accident occurs, such as a fender bender, pull over so you don’t block traffic.

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