Art Club

Some may or may not be paying attention to the clubs that are going on in their own schools. There is an Art Club which is run by Ms. Davila which also happens to be the art teacher here. When interviewing her she made it clear that the purpose of the club was not only to just make art. It was also so that it could create a safe environment for someone who might want to express themselves in a different way than just by words.

Art is a great distraction and also helps with personal problems that people could be dealing with. Which is also part of the reason as to why the club was started. In addition, it also began with how some students did not know what they could join to be part of the school.

One of their most successful projects was last year during homecoming week because everyone participated and made it a very successful show that was displayed at the carnival. Their newest project is actually open to anyone that wants to participate and it’s almost like a graffiti competition. It sounds like loads of fun and she’s excited to see who is going to go out and try it out.

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