There is a new club here at Weld Central High School! A great club that will help many students. A group of students who are willing to help, that are great responsible and respectful. One of the main jobs is to be helpful in any situation, The Ambassadors are allowed to help by talking to students having troubles, and the Ambassadors to be learning themselves. “The Ambassadors are not only TA’s in the counseling office but can provide support to peers as well. Ambassadors are part of the Rachel’s Challenge FOR Club, provide birthday cards to students each month, assist with new students, and plan to go into classrooms to provide lessons to different grade levels” is a great description Mrs. Kirchner gave us. Erica Kirchner is our head counselor here at Weld Central and she has put much work into this club. This club is completely new this school year and is ready to help make school a better place.


A new club that will help the kids in this school in so many ways! The Ambassadors are being trained throughout the year for many situations. One of the things they are being trained to help in, are bullying situations, in being able to spot and stop bullying in action. Ambassadors will also be working on, sometime this year, with a Suicide Prevention program, where they will be talked more deeply into the subject, to be taught how to work with students.


The Ambassadors will then be going into classrooms during Rebel Time, they will do presentations on how to improve as a school and to spread word about bullying and suicide prevention. The Ambassadors will be providing lessons on organization/time management, stress/coping skills, healthy friendships and relationships, suicide prevention and awareness. Also a great way to let the students here at Weld Central know that the Counselors and Ambassadors are here for them.


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