Happy Death Day

Happy Death Day is a semi-scary movie with a fun little teenage twist. Tree Gelbman is a self-centered girl who- although she may not show it- has many emotional problems. Tree is dealing with the loss of one of her parents at the time the movie takes place. Tree finds herself waking up on her birthday in the bed of a student named Carter. The first time this happens, she isn’t very happy to find out she came home with a guy she barely even knew. She does the walk of shame back to her place. As her morning continues, Tree notices she’s experienced the events of this day before. She even comes to the conclusion of having deja vu. Then, after it happens twice more, it becomes apparent that she is reliving the same day. At the end of each day, a masked killer attacks Tree and brutally kills her. She gets the idea to try to figure out who her killer is in an attempt to stop them and end the cycle. She tries over and over to solve her murder and finds that she is getting weaker every time she comes back to life. This is definitely a film you don’t want to miss. It’ll have you on the edge of your seat and you’ll be surprised at the end. There were quite a few movie critic reviews, one of them was from Jeannette Catsoulis at the New York Times. She calls it, “a snappy horror-comedy with a gentle romantic spine.” Another movie review was from  Jeffery M. Anderson of Common Sense Media; he said, “though it obviously borrows from Groundhog Day, this gleefully silly slasher movie has a playful spirit, likable characters, and even some half decent life lessons”. Overall the movie had pretty good reviews and people seemed to be entertained by it.  

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