WCHS Lulac

Photography by Brandon Burke

Lulac, which stands for League of United Latin American Citizens, is one of many clubs organized here at Weld Central High School. This club is considered a service organization where they help the community all school year round. Lulac is directed by Ms. Davila and Mrs. Westover. The president of Lulac is Jailene Castro, a senior here at WCHS. Gabriel Cisneros, a junior, is vice president. Lulac has been around for more than 5 years.

In Lulac, they do many activities. This year Lulac participated in the homecoming carnival, selling nachos, drinks, and Mexican delights. Raffle tickets were sold in hopes to win a gift card from 5 different stores. About 20% of the homecoming carnival profit will be donated to an organization or someone in need.

During the holidays Lulac organizes a canned food drive to those in need. This year the food drive will begin around December 1st until the week before winter break. The goal is to get everyone from WCHS to donate and participate this holiday season. Students and staff can donate canned fruits, cereal, rice, oatmeal, or anything that does not need refrigeration.

If you’re wanting to join a club this late in the school year, you still can. There is no charge to join and it is welcome to anyone!

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