Video game reviews: The Classics

In recent days video game developers have been going back to the classics. For instance the NES classic from 1983-1985, is getting a re-release sometime in early 2018. The NES classic has had some angry and disappointed fans hacking and adjusting it so that all the other fans can have all the original games. For example Crash Bandicoot got a remastered version for the new consoles. Then when we move into current games like Call of Duty (CoD) is making a return to modern day combat, moving back to boots on the ground, no jet packs which is making players happy about this change. This years developers of CoD are going to be Sledgehammer games, the same people that put in jet packs in the game back in 2014. When we move into sport games NBA 2k18 has gotten some improvements, for instance the shot bar is easier to understand and use. The movement of games returning to old roots is making players happy about the changes.

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