Student Profile

Andrew Younger is a senior at Weld Central High School. Andrew enjoys playing for the football and baseball team here at the high school. Outside of school he enjoys to be around and hang out with his friends. He had many accomplishments throughout his years of high school, whether they were recognized or not. Andrew is the running back on the football team and plays center field on the baseball team. After high school Andrew plans on being successful and to “make bank” as he says confidently. When asked what motivates him he said, “I don’t know. I just motivate myself to do things better. I don’t want to be seen as a nobody”.

Andrew has just recently finished his last high school season of football Friday night. They played Platte Valley High School and unfortunately ended their season with a loss with the score of 6-46. Andrew explains his best moment, “I think my best moment was my last game and it was when we were losing to Platte Valley 46-0 with 20 seconds on the clock. We got two penalties after Wyatt scored so it was brought back in. They said, ‘39 toss’, which was my play and Wyatt looked at me and said “Hey let’s get it done.” I ran for I don’t know like 10 yards, he blocked for me, set the edge and we scored. He didn’t score all season so him helping me score one last time was probably the most amazing moment. It’s not about what I did but what my team did to accomplish it.” Andrew is super passionate about the game he loves along with his teammates.

With Andrew being a multisport athlete he also has to keep up with his school work. After asking Andrew how he handles being a student athlete he explains how he motivates himself to keep his grades up so he can continue playing the sports he loves.

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