Book Review

Rupi Kaur is a writer and artist who usually focuses on poetry. She tends to engage in themes of femininity, loss, love, trauma, and healing. Milk and Honey were published in November of 2014. The book is a piece of art! It wasn’t just another Cinderella story or another love story, it was one of the most real books I have read in all of my 18 years! In a book, you look for the main character, the plot, and main idea, and there is no main character, plot, or main idea; it’s everything—literally! Her poems are free verse and have no rhyme scheme. The problems she writes about are so real, the problems are unexpectedly expected.

Kaur is also her own artist. Her pictures are based on words of hurt, love, healing, and truth, but her words are written within the drawings, which forces the reader to examine the drawings and provide more explanation to her poems. One piece that stuck out to me was presented in the first chapter, The Hurting. Kour writes,

“She was a rose

in the hands of those

who had no intention

of keeping her.”

In the third chapter, the subject of the rose appears, only as a drawing, with the caption, ¨Every rose has its thorns.¨ The messages the book has are deep and relatable to some people. They are topics that nobody really discusses and it makes the book so ¨wow!¨. The free verse poems and drawings are just so deep, I can’t emphasize it enough! I definitely give this book 5 stars!

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