What Grinds my Tractor

BY Salvador C. and Elijah R.

What grinds my tractor

You know what grinds my tractor? The bus transportation to school, and apparently it bothers a lot of other people as well. 10 out of 13 people dislike riding the bus and the other three only tolerate it on certain days. While 11 out of 13 said there was not a sufficient amount of room on the bus while the other two said sometimes. We interviewed a variety of different people from different grades and of different sex and age and they mostly agreed buses were boring and had no room. 6 out of 13 do not plan on riding the bus in the future. In fact, on the morning of Friday Oct, 27 the kids from Silverpeaks in Lochbuie were waiting for their bus’s arrival time which is 7:05. The bus is set to leave at 7:15. However it did not arrive at 7:05 nor 7:15. That morning the bus picked up the kids at about 7:30.


We clearly need more buses. Buses can fit 76 people max into a bus and that’s with kids sitting three to a seat. Bus drivers do not always have people move over so others can sit down as well. You hang off the edge or fall into the aisle which is highly unsafe in the event of a crash. A person we interviewed even said that people have their backpacks alongside them and refuse to move them in order to have more room for the person sitting next to them. The worst thing is having to deal with rude and cruel people in the morning.


Getting on the bus is a hassle itself. You can show up before anyone else and be first in line but somehow still manage to be one of the last ones on the bus. The point is no one really likes the buses and we would like to see some kind of order and rules be put into place for getting on the bus or increasing the availability of seats.

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