Meet The Ambassadors!

This school year we welcomed a new club to our school, The Ambassadors. Last spring, students were given the chance to apply for a position and many were given the chance to have an interview. Fourteen fortunate students were selected to be apart of this opportunity. Three of which, Mariah Pfeifer, Haylee Christner, and Madisyn McBride, decided to share some of their thoughts. They all agree being an ambassador is a great way to learn communication skills. Mariah Pfeifer says, “I’ve become more confident in myself with talking to students who may need my help.” Students who have joined this club, are learning new skills on how to cope with others and how to handle stressful situations. Arriving at a new school, full of kids you’ve never seen can be a nervous time for students, especially in the middle of your high school career. This new program is all about helping new students adjust to their surroundings of being at a new school, and maybe becoming their first friend. We’ve provided many ways to help these students become comfortable to their new school, including “SWAG” bags and new student lunches.

Earlier in the year, we introduced  “Rachel’s Challenge”, in this challenge we wanted students to start a chain reaction. We strived for positivity among classmates and classrooms. Rachel’s Challenge is described as an organization to reduce violence among schools. There are five keys to completing this challenge, look for the best in others, dream big, choose positive influences, speak with kindness, and start your own chain reaction. The Ambassadors believe  each of our students can accomplish the challenge.

Being apart of this program is a wonderful opportunity for all of us, and will be for any other student wanting to help us expand our club!


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