Athletic Injuries

     Most of us are familiar with the common accidents that happen in our lives; such as bruises, headaches, slamming our bodies into solid objects, or pretty much anything that can be painful. While these harmful incidents certainly are not fun, it’s probably even more painful for someone to go through a loss of sporting events. Fun activities due to their injuries, are no longer optional. Whether it be a broken ankle, brain injuries, broken leg, foot injuries or even wheelchair, or casts, none of this is viewed as joyful. Reasoning and logic tell us players most likely hate that they can’t live or play normally like their teammates have the privilege of doing. Not too many injuries are worse than a broken body part that can no longer be used, or the missed sporting games altogether for individual players.


     An example of an individual who got injured would be Carl Crochet. He had a lower leg injury and had to wear a cast, and walk on crutches. He first got injured when he was running in cross country. It has been nothing but a painful experience for him. Everytime he had to get up to use crutches and go to class, it was not an easy task. Even though it occurred 6 weeks ago, this is probably something that will always be a memory of his. “So apparently I was in cross country, and I broke my fibula above my ankle joint, so I trained and ran and walked on it, and I thought nothing was wrong, and then next week I ran on it and I was ineligible. Then I went to the Doctors the first time and they said it was broken and fractured. Then the second time the Doctor Specialist said my fibula broke and they gave me a boot.”, said Carl Crochet.   


      Cross Country is a very excruciating sport, but can be even more excruciating when involved with a sudden traumatizing event. No athlete wishes to get harmed in a way that affects their everyday life. Especially, when you have to move or perform in a certain way. Sometimes, the injury can even be for the rest of the player’s life, it all depends. Whatever the injury, an athlete is still an athlete despite the injury.


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