DJ Huapangero, The New Era of Music

Photography By: Jose Perez


DJ Huapangero formed in Brighton, CO and is one of the new DJ’s consisting today. The DJ’s name, “DJ Huapangero “, is based on the music genre called Huapangos. DJ Huapangero uses a variety of equipment. For example, they use LED colored lights, Bluetooth equalizer, speakers, and a computer, which consists different genres of music like Norteñas, Cumbias, Rancheras, Reggae, Huapangos, and its latest hits of 2017. All original members of the DJ are natives of Guanajuato (located in the mid-region of Mexico nearby Mexico City).

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Currently, the leader is my mom’s uncle, Alejandro Guerra (DJ Alex), and other members include Luis Guerra (Benny) who’s in charge of the equalizer. They also were inspired by my latest hits so they offered myself, Jose Juan Perez, to take over with downloading the latest hits of 2017 in order to play for any event, for instance, sweet 15s, baptisms, birthday parties, weddings and etc. Though, as years go by our team has expanded across Colorado because we keep receiving incoming calls from churches and other customers due to our Facebook page and the new shirts I have created. For any more info or any questions if you can call Alejandro to (720)-410-4788 or follow us on our Facebook page at DJ Huapangero.


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