Amberley Snyder: Beating the Odds

Amberley Snyder has an inspiring story of overcoming challenges and defying her odds and showing that anything is possible. Amberley is a girl who had found her passion for horses at a very young age. She started competing in rodeo and making it big.But an accident had occurred on January 10, 2010, Snyder was on her way to the Denver Stock Show. She looked down at her map and proceeded to roll her truck. Unfortunately, she had taken her seat belt off. Snyder was ejected from the truck and had been thrown against a fence post. There was no feeling in her legs and come to find out, she would never have feeling in her legs again.

Snyder lost feeling in her legs due to a injury she suffered to the T12 vertebrae. This one accident had completely flipped her world upside down. Her overall goal wasn’t to walk again, but to be able to do the thing she loved the most, to ride again. When Snyder went to therapy, they focused on teaching her to get her balance back. She insisted on bringing her saddle to physical therapy because she knew that it was where her balance was the best. Four months after the accident Snyder was cleared to actually saddle one of her horses and ride. She was quickly discouraged when she got on her horse and realized it was going to be as easy as she had thought. She chose to stay away from her horses for months. She told her mom to sell them, but her mom wouldn’t sell them, she said that they would wait for her.

 April of 2011, Snyder was asked to do a photo shoot. That was the first time she had been on her horses since. But this time something had felt different, a new spark of hope had emerged. She knew if she wanted to ride again, she would have to make some adjustments. Her changes included getting a seat belt on her saddle, along with Velcro straps to stabilize her legs. She also had to train her horse to listen to her voice and her hands instead of leg pressures. Just eighteen short months after her injury, she got back into the sport of rodeo. Snyder has since beaten her pre-accident times and shown that you can beat the odds if you have a little determination and keep pushing forward no matter what anyone tells you!

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