modern art lighting up

 Artists find new ways to express themselves every day. Past to present day has changed and influenced art. Due to the change of history and culture, art has changed as well. Drew Lausman is a modern artist. He has been painting and creating art since 2011. His painting style is unique and creative.

Drew Lausman calls his art style “explosionism.”He uses fireworks and firecrackers to paint. He places clumps of paint on fireworks and holds his canvas up to them. Then, after the firecrackers go off, the paint splats and sprays colors onto his canvas. A lot of his art looks like galaxies from far away.

Drew Lausman is not well-known but is becoming more popular. Not many artists would do what Lausman does. He claims that his style is not easy or the safest to do. He burns his hands at least once every time he begins a new painting. The artist was influenced by his brother who passed away in 2009. His brother’s fireworks were left to him and Lausman began to use them for his art work.



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