Lyft Psycho


As the weather gets colder people are more likely to use Lyft or transportation systems like Lyft to get around quicker, and knowing the dangers around these apps should be known to the public before choosing to use them.This would be useful as earlier on July 7, 2017, Angelo McCoy took a 25-year-old woman hostage while working as a Lyft driver. At 11 pm, the woman was said to be drunk, so she called Lyft driver, Angelo McCoy. The woman fell asleep in the car and woke up, later on, to realize that McCoy was not heading to her house. She asked to get out of the car, but McCoy ignored her and continued to drive. She screamed, and told police she saw at least three people in the distance but they paid no attention. McCoy took her phone and driver’s license; he asked her for money and she claimed she didn’t have any. After two hours of being held captive in his car, the woman escaped at 1AM, running to the nearest car which took her to a police station.

McCoy’s account has since then been removed, and he was arrested that Wednesday. Police say it will be a $900,000 bail for McCoy to get out of his sentence. Lyft spokesman Coriell stated “These allegations are sickening and horrifying. As soon as we were made aware of the incident, we deactivated the driver’s account and did everything we could to assist law enforcement. Our concern is with the victim and her well-being. We stand ready to assist law enforcement in their investigation.”  As dangerous acts like this can happen to anyone, everyone should always stay alert when using an app like this.

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