Lunch Interview

Believe it or not there’s a lot that goes into the preparation of our school lunches. Every day the cafeteria staff has to start food prep by 7:00 am. The lunch staff serves roughly 406 students every day, with about 300 for lunch. Every one of the 300 lunches that are prepared are made from scratch and not just microwaved which a lot of us like to believe. The food options at lunch come from Cartwheel, a food business, and Cartwheel follows the guidelines from the National School Lunch Program. There is about 7 different choices for lunch each day whether it be pizza, or Mexican dishes. Our lunch staff is open to any suggestions and they will be willing to take it to Cartwheel.

We interviewed Faylene Edens, head of the kitchen staff. When asked about how she deals with negative comments about the food her and her staff make, she spoke, “We are doing our best.  If we can change something, we will.” She wants students to be understanding and appreciative of their hard work. Students need to realize that the lunch crew is short staffed and that they are working very hard. They are trying their best every day. Don’t take our lunches for granted for there is a very devoted and hardworking staff behind that kitchen that tries to provide us with the best lunches of their ability. Remember to thank our kitchen staff as when it comes to school lunches.

By Jesus Borrego

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